The journey of life is all about marching forward with the ground beneath our feet. Our feet help us to stand, walk, run and balance our entire body, so it is crucial to take care of them. Certain conditions might affect your feet with growing age. Orthopaedic disorders of feet like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, bunions (Hallux valgus), metatarsalgia, mallet toes, sprains, and fractures are quite common among seniors. Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's or foot drop lead to involuntary limping, shaking or exaggerated motion of the feet. Often infections like Athlete's foot, diabetic ulcers, corns, calluses, oedema (swollen feet) etc might trouble your feet.
Wearing comfortable shoes, maintaining proper hygiene of feet, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle can prevent such disorders of your feet. Heat therapy products like hot and cold gel packs, infrared massagers and foot warmer keep your feet warm and relieve pain. Heel socks, ankle wraps give mild compression in sprains, strains and during post surgical recovery. A relaxing massage with the foot bubble spa will help you unwind and provide stress relief while taking good care of your feet. Hallux straightener helps you to prevent bunions. Silicone Insoles, silicone heel cushions are specially designed products to treat heel spurs.
For better balance while walking, walking sticks are a common choice. If you are a senior with lack of muscle coordination in feet, innovative assistive aids like grab rails and anti-slip mats / tapes / polish will protect you from falls and slips in wet zones and polished surfaces. Physical therapy devices like new cycle exerciser and hip cycle improves mobility and strength of your feet, even for post stroke recovery.