Pain in the Knees?

The knee joint is prone to be affected by a number of age-related disorders after 40. Different types of knee pain can occur due to a number of reasons. Seniors commonly show signs of different types of Arthritis, like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, gout in the knee joint with aging, as reported by most orthopaedic specialists. Often, pain on inner side of knee is observed in these conditions. Musculoskeletal disorders like Frozen Knee Syndrome, Tendinitis, Ankylosing spondylitis, tenosynovitis, chondromalacia (runner's knee) can cause chronic pain, stiffness or swelling in the knee that might result in knee pain while walking and limited mobility. Some knee pain reasons include health conditions like muscular atrophy, osteoporosis, and related diseases. These can increase the risk of accidental falls and slips while walking, due to the weakness of knees. This increases the risk of sprains, strains, and fractures which sometimes may affect the knee joint permanently. Sometimes, patellofemoral problems causing sharp pain in knee cap, are noticed in elderly adults which requires surgery in serious cases.
Adequate rest, balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and regular exercise or physiotherapy can ensure knee pain relief and protection from knee problems. Several assistive devices, daily living aids, and knee pain relief products help you to manage knee issues better. Regular use of heat therapy products like orthopaedic heating pads, infrared lamp or massagers, foot warmer, hot and cold gel packs alleviates chronic pain in the knees and provides relief. Knee brace, wraps, splints, knee support made for daily use, particularly the Neoprene products are essentially helpful in stabilizing weak knees. These ensure faster healing of injury or sprains by compression & retention of body heat. The hinged knee brace or knee support is flexible and body-hugging in most cases, allowing the elderly adults to comfortably perform their normal activities and movement. For those with limited mobility, a wide variety of height adjustable walkers and sturdy walking sticks are available for walking independently and reduce knee pain while bending or walking. Anti-slip tapes, floor solution, and floor polish help to prevent falls and slips in the elderly, in wet zones or highly polished surfaces. Regular stretching exercises with Oppo Progressive Resistance Band as well as moderate indoor workout with New Cycle Exerciser can relieve knee stiffness and weakening - especially helpful during post surgical rehabilitation or post stroke recovery. Folding commode chairs and toilet seat raisers address bathroom needs of the seniors.