Buckwheat Hull Pillow (Full Size, 25" x 15")

by NutriBuck India

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

EXPRESS SHIPPING:   Free! Delivered in  4-8 Working Days

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Ideal for: Everyone. Especially helpful if affected by neck and spine pain, Insomnia, snoring, improper posture, general restlessness while sleeping

  • Settles the neck and head in natural alignment with rest of the body
  • Thickness of the pillow can be customised to personal preference by removing or adding hull as per preferred sleeping posture and body type
  • Does not induce allergic reactions unlike other fillings such as foam and fiber to those with breathing
  • Skin stays cool throughout the night with high levels of aeration
  • Long lasting with easy refilling
  • Easy to maintain with basic washing

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Nutribuck India
  • Variants: 6 Cover Colors (White, Grey, Blue, Pink, Light Brown, Dark Brown)
  • Item Code: NUBP01
  • Usage/Application: As a therapeutic pillow alternative
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 15 days for buckwheat hull and pillow material against any kind of dirt, insect infestation or fabric damage
  • Returns & Refunds: Only for unused product (if request is raised within 3 days of delivery) or identified manufacturing defects. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Filled: 60 cm (l) x 37 cm (w) x 9 cm (h) | Empty: 63.5 cm (l) x 38.5 cm (w)
Weight/ Volume Approx. 2.1 kg when filled
Technical Material: Buckwheat Hulls, Cotton Fabric
In the Package 1 Pre-filled Buckwheat Hull Pillow, extra 500 g Buckwheat Hull, Instructions, Cover for storage
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards N.A.


Usage/ Application As a therapeutic and regular use sleeping pillow for relief to neck and upper back pain
Care & Maintenance Empty the hulls before washing the pillow. Air the hull regularly and replace it every few months. Wash Pillow Pocket and outer cover to remove any odor over time.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in original packaging when not in use after regular drying. Do not consume the hulls or let children below 4 near it without supervision
Warranty & Guarantee 15 days from date of sale only in case of manufacturing defects
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Air/Express: No       Surface: Yes
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  • How it Works?


    Buckwheat Hull: Popularly known as Kuttu in North India and Papparai in Tamil Nadu, the filling is made of the hull. It has some exceptional properties:

    • All natural filling that acts like sand - it takes the shape of your head and neck and supports it softly. This is makes for better resting posture than regular pillow fillings like foam, fiber or feathers that are either too rigid or too soft to provide appropriate support for the head, neck and upper back
    • Correct posture relieves undue pressure on the neck and the area of the head that comes in contact with the pillow - thereby reducing chances of headaches or pain
    Buckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck India Buckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck IndiaBuckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck India

    • Stays amazingly cool throughout the night as there is lot of space between the hulls to allow air to move through - makes for a more comfortable sleep, lesser chances of snoring or restlessness
    Buckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck India

    • One can vary the amount of hull that is filled within the pillow to match the required support in combination with the body posture on the mattress - a pillow that you can literally customise
    Buckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck India

    • Replace it after 6-8 months depending on regularity of use with fresh hulls without needing to replace the complete pillow
    • Has been used in Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia as a pillow filling historically and is still popular there

    Pillow Pocket: Made of Cotton, thin layer of foam and a fine lining of cotton, it has a high quality slim profile zipper to hold the hull within. Can be emptied for washing easily and hull taken out for airing

    Buckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck India

    Outer Cover: Made of 100% Cotton, the pillow cover is complimentary and has a well designed pocket with zipper to hold the main pillow within. Comes in multiple color options.

    Buckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck India

  • How to Use?

    • Once you receive your Nutribuck Buckwheat Pillow do take it out of the outer cover and inspect all elements thoroughly
    • Store the spare 500 g of buckwheat hulls carefully for refill or replacement within the original carry case
    • Place the pillow on your bed and lie down straight on your back.
    • Ensure the pillow is snug below your neck and touches your upper back
    • Try and stay in position for a few minutes to judge comfort levels while the pillow settles around your head and neck
    • In case you feel the need, you can add or remove some hull to identify a more convenient posture and sleeping angle
    • Prefer sleeping on your side? Try the above steps to identify the correct posture
    Buckwheat Hull Pillow (NUBP01) by Nutribuck India


    • It can take 4-5 days for you to get used to a totally different style of pillow, so please be patient while identify your ideal filling quantity
    • Do not sleep on your stomach, it often leads to acidity and indigestion
    • Remember to air your pillow during the day. It improves the hulls period of usability
    • Wash the pillow regularly to get rid of any odors that might develop over time
    • Do not use more than one buckwheat hull pillow below your neck at a time
  • Our Take

    • Absolutely wonderful as to how our lifestyle choices have circled back a full 360 degree for all natural solutions and Nutribuck does the trick
    • I have been using the hull pillow for a while now personally and am absolutely habituated to it for my daily nap
    • We are fond of the Outer Cover options as well as the construct of the pillow in 100% Cotton

    - Shweta

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