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We are of the firm belief that our parents deserve nothing but the best. So we have curated a select collection of well-designed and well-manufactured products that are not just a treat for the eyes, but are functionally designed to be efficient in making everyday better.

And to make your choice easier, we have designed 12 beautiful gift hampers that will help you decide better. And you can always add-on other products from anywhere across We will pack them all into a beautiful gift hamper, and send her this personalised photograph of you and her within. 

As we said, her comfort is not worth compromising, but neither are memories.



Complimentary Personalised Photograph as a gift with every order from Mother's Day Collection. 



Starting @ Rs. 299


Everyday Essentials


The Everyday Essentials gift kits for Mother’s Day will assure better management of all the daily activities. Embroidery and craft basics like easy threading needle, comfort grip scissors makes it easier to pursue her hobbies. Anti-slip strips, Solar lamps, and No tie elastic shoelaces maintain better safety and aid in all day to day chores. These kits are undoubtedly immensely useful and hence make for thoughtful gifts.


Home Basics


Is your amazing mom passionate about sewing, knitting, embroidery or handicrafts? However, age-related complications like limited mobility, weak grip or poor eyesight may be a hindrance to pursuing her hobbies. If so, gift her a smile this Mother’s Day with our unique Home Basics kits specially curated for home maintenance requirements. With exclusive high-quality products from Pony Needles India, these kits will keep her smiling even while threading the needle.


Beauty and Bath


This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with the best of personal grooming accessories. The Etac Beauty products for bathing, customized to ensure minimum strain on hands, back and shoulders, promise the best of quality, advanced global designs and 5-year warranty. These are even more indispensable for seniors with limited mobility of the upper body due to Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Muscular Atrophy, Spinal pain as well as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Ataxia etc. The Aqua Clear Anti-Slip strip by Tenura will protect your dearest one from accidental falls and slips in the bathroom and other wet zones.


Travel Basics


When Mom travels, do you fuss about how she will manage “little emergencies"? Choose from our Travel Essentials special Mother’s Day gift hampers to take care of all her daily needs while travelling. With No-Tie Shoelaces that will let slip on her sneakers when she goes sightseeing to the Tablet Cutter or Weekly Pill Planner to manage her medication schedule, these complete kits make wonderful gifts. A pre-threaded needle kit and mini grip scissors are also included to help her in quick tasks and enjoy an independent holiday.