Ankle Support with Elastic Strap (Breathable Neoprene)

by Oppo Medical USA


  Free within India. Delivered in 5-8 days.
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  Free within India. Delivered in 5-8 days.
 ₹ 100. Save 2-3 days | Check PINCode for Express Delivery


  Free within India. Delivered in 5-8 days.
 ₹ 100. Save 2-3 days | Check PINCode for Express Delivery


  Free within India. Delivered in 5-8 days.
 ₹ 100. Save 2-3 days | Check PINCode for Express Delivery

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    1. Ideal for: Pain relief and safety from recurrent ankle sprains and injury. Enhanced support for ankle weakness, instability and stiffness (due to Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Muscular Atrophy)
    2. Relieves pain by combining adjustable compression with heat therapy - all self-manageable with little or no assistance
    3. Accelerates the natural healing process by increasing blood circulation
    4. Reduces stress on weak or overstressed ankle joints by providing dual layer of support
    5. Usable for long duration while moving out of the house but primarily in loose comfortable shoes (sports) or sandals with adjustable straps
    1. Brand: Oppo Medical USA
    2. Variants: 4 (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large).
      View Size Chart below (scroll to 'Choose the Right Fit')
    3. Item Code: OPPOME09
    4. Usage/Application: For pain relief through adjustable pressure and natural heat therapy while reducing mobility during healing. Don't use if heat generating ointments have been applied.
    5. Warranty/Guarantee: Only on manufacturing defects if reported within 3 Days of delivery
    6. Returns & Refunds: Returns are not offered on this product for safeguarding hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.
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Breathable Neoprene: High-quality perforated neoprene (similar to the material used for diving suits) helps in regulating heat while releasing moisture compared to regular neoprene supports. Improves blood circulation and reduces mobility levels to quicken healing. Premium Cotton lining furthers the ability to skin relatively dry yet warm
Additional Surgical Strap: Helps in adjusting compression and providing additional support for weak and stressed ankle joints
Open Toe and Heel Design: Allows full range of movement for the ankle and foot without compromising support

Dual layered ankle support and pain relief orthotic aid by Oppo Medical. Base made of perforated neoprene with cotton lining and additional elastic strap of nylon and rubber fibers. Product Code 1003

Breathable Neoprene forms the base of the support and makes it usable all day long.


  • Make sure you order the right fit as per Size Chart below
  • Loosen the Velcro-style strap on the Neoprene Ankle Support and hold the end with Oppo logo with both hands
  • Insert foot into the support and pull up so that the heel fits into it's locking area
  • Place the mid-section of the surgical strap below the sole of the foot and join the fastener
  • Cross one side of wrap diagonally across the foot and upwards around the ankle joint. Secure the Velcro-style fastener adjusting the strap to the desired compression level
  • Repeat the above step for the other part of the strap

Image set showcasing steps how to first pull on the Neoprene support and then wrap the Elastic Strap for added compression and stability. Oppo Medical Ankle Support with Elastic Strap (Breathable Neoprene)1003

P.S.: Kindly consult your Physician or Orthopaedic Specialist before using this product



Small (S) OPPOME09S 156 mm - 206 mm
Medium (M) OPPOME09M 210 mm - 257 mm
Large (L) OPPOME09L 260 mm - 308 mm
Extra Large (XL) OPPOME09XL 311 mm - 359 mm

If your measurement falls between two sizes, go a size larger for comfort
and a size lower for compression.

Didn't find the right fit? Contact Us for an alternate solution.


Measure the circumference just above ankle bone to get the right fit for Oppo Medical Ankle Support with Elastic Strap (Breathable Neoprene) 1003

Measure the circumference just above the ankle bone. Ideally, roll a paper strip around the joint and use a pen to mark the point where both meet. Use a flat ruler to measure the distance between the two points.

Our Take

  • The dual layer combination of breathable neoprene and elastic strap ensures a level of reinforcement higher than slip on sleeves or stockings
  • Surprisingly, the foot movement does not get limited to the extent expected thanks to the heel cutout
  • It is versatile enough to adjust by yourself to vary compression levels across the day and if needed the strap can be removed to minimise compression when resting

- Shweta

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Dimensions Size L (Unstretched): 120 mm (Length from Calf to Ankle Bone) + 100 mm (Length from mid-Foot to Heel cup) x 250 mm (Circumference above Ankle) x 200 mm (Circumference at mid-Foot)
Surgical Strap (Unstretched): 750 mm (l) x 50 mm (w)
(Stretched): 1000 mm (l)
Weight/Volume Size L (Dry): 70 g approx.
Technical Material: Neoprene Support: 70% Neoprene, 15% Nylon, 15% Cotton. Elastic Surgical Strap: 73% Nylon, 13% Rayon, 8% Polyester, 6% Rubber
In the Package 1 Ankle Support (Breathable Neoprene) with Surgical Elastic Wrap [Product Code 1003]
Developed In USA
Country of Origin USA
Certifications/Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards.


Usage/Application Slip-on sleeve with a removable Surgical Elastic wrap to adjust compression and support for the ankle joint. Note: Do not wear this product if Warming or Heat Generating Ointments/Liniments have been applied.
Care & Maintenance Wash the support in cold water and dry on a flat surface. Should not be bleached, ironed or dry cleaned.
Storage/Do's & Don'ts Store when not in use after washing and thorough drying. Replace once elasticity reduces due to repeated use.
Warranty & Guarantee Only on manufacturing defects notified within 3 days of delivery
Shipping Mode
Air/Express: Yes         Surface: Yes
Attachments N.A.

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