Bathe Easy Combo with Long Handle Comb


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  • The Bathe Easy Combo is a unique kit comprising products that address your personal grooming and bathing needs, as well as ensures your safety in the bathroom or other wet zones. The Long Handle Beauty Comb is a special addition to this kit
  1. Beauty Comb - Long handle
  2. Beauty Back Washer
  3. Multi-purpose Grip
  4. Tenura Anti Slip Aqua Strips
  5. Complimentary Gift Wrapping

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  • How it's Useful?

    Beauty Comb - Long Handle: High-quality comb with an extended handle and soft tines (teeth) makes it easier to brush hair. Reaches head and neckline with minimum strain on hands, arms or shoulders

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    Beauty Back Washer: Body washer with a long curved arm for extended self-cleansing and washing across the back. Very useful in limited mobility of the upper body

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    Multi-purpose Grip: Non-slip enhanced grip for a wide range of small objects like nail file, toothbrush, razor etc. - suitable in case of weak grip or stiff fingers

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    Tenura Anti Slip Aqua Strips: Anti-slip precautionary aid to prevent accidental falls and slips in the bathroom and other wet zones

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