Buckwheat Hull Yoga Cushion (Zabuton)

by NutriBuck India

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STANDARD SHIPPING:     FREE !  Delivered in 4-8 Working Days

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Ideal for: All regular yoga and meditation practitioners. Helpful for those dealing with back pain from spondylosis, spinal injury, lower back pain, arthritis, hip and pelvic pain or sensitive knees. Is a more comfortable and safer surface to workout on in case of obesity, Osteoporosis and muscular atrophy

  • Offers a ribbed cushioned surface for hips, legs and feet - great for improved blood flow
  • Prevents hand and feet from slipping while practising various yoga postures
  • Buckwheat hulls keep the mat cool during summer and warm in winter making it fit to be used across seasons
  • The quantity of hull filling can be adjusted through the zipper opening as per comfort levels and body type
  • Recommended by yoga trainers. Pairs with a Zafu Meditation Cushion and Bolster Pillow for a complete yoga/meditation accessory package
  • Washable cotton cover with light foam inner that's easy to maintain

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Nutribuck India
  • Variants: 2 (Grey, Red)
  • Item Code: NUYM01
  • Usage/Application: As an alternative meditation and yoga mat
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 15 days for buckwheat hull and pillow material against any kind of dirt, insect infestation or fabric damage
  • Returns & Refunds: Only for unused product (if request is raised within 3 days of delivery) or identified manufacturing defects. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions When filled: 88.9 cm (35”) length x 53.5 cm (21”) wide x 6 cm (2") thick | 7 sub-division of width 7 cm each
Weight/ Volume When filled: 4 kgs approx
Technical Material: Buckwheat Hulls, Cotton Fabric, Flannel, Foam
In the Package 1 Nutribuck Yoga Meditation Cushion Cover, 3.5 kg Buckwheat Hull, Instructions
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards N.A.


Usage/ Application As a therapeutic meditation cushion for posture improvement and support to spine and hips during yoga and otherwise
Care & Maintenance Empty the hulls before washing the cushion. Air the hull regularly and replace it every few months. Wash the outer occasionally to remove any odor over time.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in original packaging when not in use after regular drying. Do not consume the hulls or let children below 4 near it without supervision
Warranty & Guarantee 15 days from date of sale only in case of manufacturing defects
Shipping Mode
Air/Express: No       Surface: Yes
Attachments N.A.

  • How it Works?


    The filling of this yoga cushion is of buckwheat hull that has many advantages:

    • The natural buckwheat hull filling takes the shape of the body parts resting on it. It gives sufficient comfort to sit and relax for stress-free yoga and meditation experience. Ensures ease of movement during yoga
    • It provides relief from pain often arising due to practising yoga on a hard floor or synthetic mat
    • Other yoga mat materials compress easily and increase stress on skin and muscles during yoga but buckwheat filling minimizes this stress in all areas of contact
    Buckwheat Hull Yoga Cushion (NUYM01) by Nutribuck India

    • The hulls have excellent aeration in the gaps between them. Keeps the skin comfortably cool during summer and suitably warm in winter
    • It’s easy to adjust the amount of hull filling via the zipper as per need and comfort according to use and body type
    Buckwheat Hull Yoga Cushion (NUYM01) by Nutribuck India

    • The filling can be replaced with fresh hulls after prolonged use, without the need to replace the entire unit
    • Buckwheat hull has been a common filling for cushions, pillow and mats in ancient Japan and now they are widely popular all around the world as a better alternative versus other synthetic fillings

    Outer Cover: Made of 100% cotton, rectangular in shape and comes with a hidden zipper that lets you adjust the quantity of hull filling inside. Washable and easy to maintain.

    Buckwheat Hull Yoga Cushion (NUYM01) by Nutribuck India

  • How to Use?

    • Once you receive your Nutribuck Buckwheat Hull Yoga Cushion, do inspect all elements thoroughly
    • Store the spare 500 g of buckwheat hulls carefully for refill or replacement within the original carry case
    • Place the yoga cushion firmly on the ground and settle it. Best placed on a carpet or thick fabric on the floor during active workouts
    • Try and stay in a relaxed sitting position for some time to assess comfort levels
    • Try out some yoga postures that you perform regularly to judge if the mat is comfortably supporting the body parts in all positions and ensure there is no discomfort
    • If necessary, you can add or reduce the hull filling to generate a more suitable comfort level for yourself
    Buckwheat Hull Yoga Cushion (NUYM01) by Nutribuck India


    • In case you are accustomed to using any other type of foam/fiber based yoga mat, it may take around 4-5 days to get used to the new product, so please be patient while finding out your ideal comfort level
    • It is recommended that you habituate yourself to the mat in relaxed positions first. It is advised not to try out difficult yoga postures before identifying your comfort level
    • Use the additional pillow for support to the neck and shoulders while practising yoga
    • Remember to air your mat during the day. It improves the hulls period of usability
    • Wash the mat cover frequently to get rid of any odors that might develop over time
  • Our Take

    • Absolutely wonderful as to how our lifestyle choices have circled back a full 360 degree for all natural solutions and Nutribuck does the trick
    • Being a new Yoga practitioner (and having gained a bit of weight off late), I find it more comfortable to use this cushion than the regular foam ones
    • Except for the need to wash and air, but it's not such a pain compared to the comfort during use

    - Shweta

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