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Buckwheat Hull Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Ideal for: Everyone, especially regular meditation and yoga practitioners. Helpful for those suffering from lower back pain due to sciatica, slip disk, spinal stenosis or spondylosis. Good for long-legged people over six feet tall while sitting cross-legged

  • Aligns lower back and spine with head and neck while sitting in lotus or cross-legged position. Can also be turned on its side to support kneeling posture
  • The thickness of the cushion can be adjustedas per the support required as per body type and use
  • Avoids allergic reactionsin case of sensitivity to regular cushion fillings like foam, fiber or feather being completely natural
  • Keeps cool during summer and comfortably warm in winter, making it suitable for all seasons
  • Recommended by Physiotherapists for better posture
  • Washable and easy to maintain
  • The dimensions are 37.5 cm (15”) diameter x 15 cm (6”) height and weight is 3 kg when fully filled


Buckwheat Hull: Buckwheat is popularly known as Kuttu in North India, and Papparai in Tamil Nadu. The filling of the cushion is of buckwheat hull that has some amazing properties:

  • The organic buckwheat hull acts like sand, taking the shape of your lower back and hip as you sit on it. This support softly in a relaxing meditation posture like the lotus or cross-legged. When turned on its side, the cushion supports the kneeling posture as well
  • It provides a feel similar to sitting on sand at the beach. Hence, it is better than regular pillows with foam, fiber or feather fillings that prove to be too tender or too stiff to provide adequate support
  • Also, these regular filling materials often induce allergic reactions and aggravate asthmatic or hypersensitive symptoms in people. The all natural buckwheat hulls rule out this problem entirely
  • The buckwheat hulls have natural air gaps that allow air to pass through, hence it stays cool during the summer
  • The amount of hull filling in the cushion can be adjusted according to the necessary levels of support required for different sitting postures and body types - a cushion you can easily customise
  • After 6-8 months of regular usage, the filling can be replaced with fresh hulls without the need to replace the entire cushion
  • Originating in Japan, buckwheat hulls have been a common filling in cushions and pillows across Asia since ancient times. Now it is being widely used all over the world for its endless benefits

Outer Cover: Made of 100% Cotton, it has a well designed pocket with zipper to hold the fillings within. A handle is incorporated

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  • Brand: Nutribuck India
  • Variants: 1 (Black)
  • Item Code: NUZP01
  • Usage/Application: As an alternative meditation pillow
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 15 days for buckwheat hull and pillow material against any kind of dirt, insect infestation or fabric damage
  • Returns & Refunds: Only for unused product (if request is raised within 3 days of delivery) or identified manufacturing defects. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions When filled: 37.5 cm (diameter) x 15 cm (h)
Weight/ Volume When filled: 3 kgs approx
Technical Material: Buckwheat Hulls, Cotton Fabric
In the Package 1 Buckwheat Zafu Meditation Cushion Cover, 3kg Buckwheat Hull, Instructions, Cover for storage
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards N.A.


Usage/ Application As a therapeutic meditation cushion for posture improvement and support to spine and hips during yoga and otherwise
Care & Maintenance Empty the hulls before washing the cushion. Air the hull regularly and replace it every few months. Wash the outer occasionally to remove any odor over time.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in original packaging when not in use after regular drying. Do not consume the hulls or let children below 4 near it without supervision
Warranty & Guarantee 15 days from date of sale only in case of manufacturing defects
Shipping Mode Air/Express: No      Surface: Yes

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Usefulness: 4.5 | Uniqueness: 4.5 | Quality: 4.5


Absolutely wonderful as to how our lifestyle choices have circled back a full 360 degree for all natural solutions and Nutribuck does the trick


I am a Yoga practitioner and find it comfortable to use the cushion during sessions for sitting. Especially since I have had issues with my lower back in the past due to a fall.


- Shweta



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