Cervical Collar Soft (Firm Density)

by Tynor India

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SHIPPING:   Free!  ₹ 100 for Express*    ₹ 50 for Cash on Delivery

SHIPPING:   Free!  ₹ 100 for Express*    ₹ 50 for Cash on Delivery

SHIPPING:   Free!  ₹ 100 for Express*    ₹ 50 for Cash on Delivery

SHIPPING:   Free!  ₹ 100 for Express*    ₹ 50 for Cash on Delivery

Ideal for: supporting the cervical column in case of early Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Wry Neck ('locked' neck), early Cervical Spondylitis or neck muscle sprain/soft tissue injury due to accidents/falls (Whiplash), weak neck muscles/bones due to ageing (geriatric care), cervical disc disease and post-operative therapy

  • Provides support to the Cervical (upper spine) region in a neutral and anatomically appropriate position
  • Provides partial and controlled immobilization to the cervical region to reduce chances of further damage while continuing everyday tasks

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  • Brand: Tynor India
  • Variants: 4 (Child, Small, Medium, Large).
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  • Item Code: TYOR02
  • Usage/Application: Provides Support to the Cervical region during daily activities. Don't use if heat generating ointments have been applied.
  • Warranty/Guarantee: Only in case of manufacturing defects if notified within 3 days of delivery
  • Returns & Refunds: Returns are not offered on this product for safeguarding hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Size L: 470 mm (l) x 85 mm (Width at Larynx) | 100 mm (Max Width on Sides) | 55 mm (Width at Edge) | Fastener Strap: 55 mm (l) x 50 mm (w)
Weight/ Volume Size M (Dry): 90 g approx
Technical Material: Polyurethane, Polyamide, Spandex, Cotton
In the Package 1 Collar Soft (Firm Density) [Product Code: B01BAZ], Instruction Manual
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards Tynor India is a ISO:9001, W.H.O G.M.P Standards and ISO: 13485 certified manufacturer. This product carries the CE (Cleared For European Markets) mark.


Usage/ Application Wrap around support for neck or cervical region. Note: Do not wear this product if warming or heat generating ointments/ liniments have been applied.
Care & Maintenance Should only be hand-washed with mild soap in water (30o C). Air dry away from heat or sunlight. Should not be bleached, ironed or dry-cleaned. The hook loop fasteners should be closed before washing.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store when not in use after washing and thorough drying. Replace once elasticity reduces due to repeated use.
Warranty & Guarantee Only in case of manufacturing defects if notified within 3 days of delivery
Shipping Mode
Air/Express: Yes          Surface: Yes
Attachments Download the User Manual for Tynor Collar Soft (Firm Density)

  • How it Works?


    • High Density Foam: The core material has a high density ( 60 kg./m3) P.U. foam that provides good immobilization and support to the neck during everyday activities in the natural anatomical position
    • Hypoallergenic Cotton Stockinette: Provides comfort, ensures no allergic reaction on skin
    • Shape: Contoured to follow the neckline and settle around the cervical spine, its aligned to the human anatomy
    • Adjustable: The hook and loop strap allows easy removal and adjustment of the brace as per activity and recommended support levels

    Collar Soft Firm Density (TYOR02) by  Tynor India

  • How to Wear?

    • Measure your neck size and make sure you order the right-sized Collar from the Size Chart below
    • Be seated comfortably and make sure your neck is in a neutral position
    • Open the wrap and hold the brace with the contoured cut facing the neck and fasteners facing outward
    • Wrap it around the neck snuggly with the trough of the collar matching the chin
    • Fasten the hook loop closure to a comfortable snug fit
    • Complete the strap closure and readjust if there is any discomfort in breathing, especially pressure on the larynx (Adam's Apple)
    • Complete the strap closure and check for discomfort in breathing, if any, especially pressure on the larynx (Adam's Apple)
    Collar Soft Firm Density (TYOR02) by  Tynor India


    • Please avoid wearing any jewelry or dresses with collars that might rub between the brace and your skin often resulting in rashes
    • Seek assistance if you are struggling when wearing the collar - it might result in you overstraining your neck
    • Discontinue use and seek medical guidance in case of impaired blood flow, allergic reactions on skin, persistence or increase in pain

    P.S.: Kindly consult your Physician or Orthopaedic Specialist before using this product

  • Our Take

    • A marked improvement versus what commonly passes by in the Indian market
    • The outer layer is comfortable, yet the stockinette releases lint earlier than more premium ones

    - Sumit

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