De-Stress Revitalise - Satvik Veena by Salil Bhatt (Audio CD)

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  • Audio CD comprising of motivational instrumental music which has been found helpful in energising the body and mind.
  • Beneficial in cases of hypertension (high blood pressure), arthritis, diabetes, low immunity, allergic reactions. Also, a music-based therapeutic aid for post-stroke recovery
  • The 56 minute long CD presents soulful renditions of three Hindustani classical Ragas namely Raag Baageshri, Raag Ahir Bhairav, Raag Kirwani Dhun, performed on a unique instrument, the Saatvik Veena by its creator Salil Bhatt. Accompanied with Tabla by Pandit Ramkumar Mishra
  • Originally released over a decade ago, this album presents first ever recording of Satvik Veena
  • The album has earned accolades around the world for its success in music based therapy and is a popular choice for personal listening or gifting your loved ones
  • Can be played on a CD player or on personal computer/ laptop
  • Part of the De-Stress Series by Times Music, it can be bought as a single pack or as a set of 4

+Track List
  • Raag Baageshri ( 29 Min : 35 Sec )
  • Raag Ahir Bhairav ( 18 Min : 58 Sec )
  • Raag Kirwani Dhun ( 07 Min : 59 Sec )

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  • Brand: Times Music
  • Variants: 1
  • Genre: Indian Classical | Language: Instrumental
  • Item Code: TMMC26
  • Usage/Application: As a supplementary therapy
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Dimensions Overall: 141 mm (l) x 127 mm (b) x 7 mm (h)
Weight/ Volume 69.5 g approx. | CD: 15 g approx
Technical Audio CD
Tracks/ Language 3 Tracks | Instrumental
Genre Indian Classical Music
In the Package 1 Times Music Audio CD [Product Code: TDICL128C ]
Country of Origin India


Usage/ Application As a supplementary therapy
Care & Maintenance Please don’t drop this CD in abrasive liquids, expose to magnetic materials etc. Can be cleaned with a lint free, damp cloth
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Please store in original packaging to protect from scratches. Do not leave in player to avoid damaging the recording surface
Warranty & Guarantee Only against manufacturing defects reported within 2 days of delivery
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Air/Express: Yes           Surface: Yes
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    • Abundance of stress in modern life contributes to approximately 85 percent of all present medical ailments
    • Persisting stress affects not only our health but also impairs concentration, judgment, decision-making abilities and efficiency. Stress leads to the shrinkage of hippocampus region of our brain which controls memory and concentration
    • Music can help to reduce the effects of an overabundance of stress. It has the capacity to decimate collected layers of stress and tension from one’s mind
    • Classical music is soothing to the nerves and provides serenity and peace
    • The musical strains of the Saatvik Veena helps in inducing freshness in the mind and the body of the listener, helping them feel relieved and inspired
    • The Raagas on this album together create an environment of recuperation and revitalisation

    Raag Baageshri
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • Post-stroke recovery
    • Insomnia
    • Energizes body which improves metabolism helping in better digestion of body glucose in diabetic patients
    • Helps in lowering blood pressure level by calming effect on nervous system
    • Generates focus and attention in patients recovering from cerebral stroke
    • The soothing tunes relieve sleep disorder and promote peaceful sleep
    Raag Ahir Bhairav
    • High blood pressure
    • Arthritis
    • Allergic Reactions
    • This soulful raag creates a diversion of brain from pain signals. Hence the body responds less to the pain in arthritic condition giving the sense of pain relief
    • The vibrations improve blood circulation in the body thereby maintaining a steady blood pressure
    • Boosts immunity and provides relief from allergic reactions
    Raag Kirwani Dhun
    • Immunity
    • Solace
    • This rhythmic raga improves blood circulation giving a boost to the immunity level
    • The pleasant tunes instill solace in life


    This is a supplementary therapy and is not recommended as a replacement to allopathy/naturopathy as prescribed by a trained Physician/Medical Specialist