Solar Lantern A2 (LED)

by d.light USA


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    1. Ideal for: Everyone as a safety footlight and emergency lamp. Especially useful for seniors living with low vision, incontinence, dementia, Alzheimer’s, mental depression and other neurological disorders to move around the house. A good safety feature for those with Osteoporosis, Diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and limited mobility against falls and accidents. Allows Caregivers to move within the patients without disturbance
    2. Provides a continuous even and ambient glow during the night in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hallways. 360o rotating head helps in controlling degree of light
    3. Can be placed or hung anywhere as per convenience - no fitting or fixtures necessary
    4. Survives drops, kicks and falls easily with sturdy materials and fabrication
    5. Easy to charge with a healthy runtime. Lasts for 4 hours on a single solar charge day Is 3 times brighter than a kerosene lamp
    6. Easy to carry around the house or during travel thanks to small profile. Packs comfortably in a suitcase or a handbag
    7. Literally takes care of itself- being weather resistant and maintenance free. Just a simple cleaning with a damp cloth does the trick
    8. Your purchase is protected by a 1 Year Warranty

      We do not recommend that these lights be placed on the bedside table/eye level in case of insomnia overnight. Being white LED’s, they do not filter blue light, thereby impacting circadian rhythm of users. Its best that they are placed in a partially hidden zone for ambient glow.

      1. Brand: D.Light USA
      2. Variants: 1
      3. Item Code: DLSL01
      4. Usage/Application: As an emergency and overnight lamp/torch
      5. Warranty/Guarantee: Replaceable against any material quality or manufacturing defects within 1 year of date of purchase except if damaged due to excess force or improper use
      6. Returns & Refunds: Only in case of identified manufacturing defects or unused item returned in original packaging without any damage - request should be raised within 3 days from delivery. Please read through our Return Policy.
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    Flexible, adjustable handle and stand: Can be used to hang the lamp on a wall, place it on a table or under the bed for a soft glow throughout the room

    Solar Lantern A2 (DLSL01) by D.Light USA

    Soft touch button: easy to switch on and off

    Solar Lantern A2 (DLSL01) by D.Light USA

    High-efficiency integrated solar panel: helps in providing optimum charge to the batteries. Just place them out in the sun every morning

    Solar Lantern A2 (DLSL01) by D.Light USA

    High quality materials: The lantern has a lifetime of more than 3 years including the rechargeable battery

    Solar Lantern A2 (DLSL01) by D.Light USA



    Solar Lantern S3 (DLSL02) by D.Light USA

    Hours of light
    per full charge

    Compared to a
    kerosene lantern

    Solar Panel
    Integrated or

    Handle, stand,

    A2 4+ hours 3X brighter Integrated
    solar panel
    handle & stand
    S3 4-12 hours 4X brighter Integrated
    solar panel
    handle & stand
    S30 3-12 hours 6X brighter Integrated
    solar panel


    • Place the unit in clear sunlight during the day to maximise charging
    • The solar panel must be facing up towards the sky
  • When not in use switch off the light to conserve charge
  • Please do not expose to excessive heat or running water

  • Our Take

    • We always seek products that can have alternative benefits
    • In this case, we found a range of solar lamps from the global leader in affordable solar lighting, that are simply zero maintenance and extremely sturdy against falls/damages - and realised they can be great footlights at no extra running cost
    • Remember to let them get their dose of sunlight during the day and you shall be happy through the night

    - Sumit

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    Dimensions Overall(folded): 8 cm (l) x 8 cm (w) x 10.4 cm (h) | LED: 7.3 cm (l) x 7.3 cm (w) x 3.5 cm (h)
    Weight/Volume 85 g approx
    Technical Material: High Quality Polymers, Silicon, Electricals
    Runtime: 30 Lumens / 4 hours | Inbuilt Battery: 3.2 V, 300 mAH
    In the Package 1 d.light Solar Lantern A2 [Product Code: A2], Label including Warranty Card
    Developed In USA
    Country of Origin China
    Certifications/Awards IP41 Rating, SONCAP, PVoC (West and East Africa Market Certification). d.light is a 2015-16 Global LEAP Awardee, a B Corp Certified Company and Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer (2013)


    Usage/Application As an overnight lamp and emergency light for elders and children
    Care & Maintenance Simply clean with a slightly damp cloth. Keep away from excessive heat and running water/rain
    Storage/Do's & Don'ts Store away from excessive heat and sunlight
    Warranty & Guarantee In case of manufacturing defects upto a period of 1 year. Please contact d.light Customer Care for support
    Call: +91 956011992 (Weekdays 9 am - 5 pm) |
    Address: d.light Energy Pvt. Ltd., T-95, CL House, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi - 110049, India
    Shipping Mode
    Air/Express: Yes       Surface: Yes
    Attachments Download the d.light A2 Warranty Document (as provided inside packaging label)