Easy Thread Nipper

by Pony Needles India

EXPRESS SHIPPING:  ₹ 50    only Orders ₹ 249+

EXPRESS SHIPPING:  ₹ 50    only Orders ₹ 249+

EXPRESS SHIPPING:  ₹ 50    only Orders ₹ 249+

EXPRESS SHIPPING:  ₹ 50    only Orders ₹ 249+

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Light Blue

Ideal for: Everyone. Perfect for frequent sewers, multi-crafters, and yarn crafters alike.

  • We also recommend these as an alternative to regular small scissors for those with a painful wrist - the working angle is much more convenient
  • Useful for snipping threads, clipping yarn ends or notching fabric while sewing/doing craft
  • Can also be used for fine non-fabric cutting (paper, thin sheets, craft material)
  • Comfortable to hold and operate for fine tasks over extended period as compared to small scissors or blades
  • Reduced stress on fingers with self-opening action
  • Keeps regular scissors from getting dulled since only a portion of the is used to cut threads, the rest of the blade also wears out
  • Primarily for right-handed users, but works fine with the left hand too

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  • Brand: Pony Needles India
  • Variants: 4 (Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange)
  • Item Code: NEINPN09
  • Usage/Application: As an apparel maintenance and craft aid
  • Warranty/Guarantee: N.A.
  • Returns & Refunds: Only in the case of an unused, sealed product in original packaging if intimated within 3 days. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Overall: 120 mm (l) x 47 mm (w) | Plastic Grip: 102 mm (l) x 20 mm (w) | Blade: 37 mm (l)
Weight/ Volume 21.5 g approx.
Technical Materials: Plastic, Stainless Steel
In the Package 1 Thread Nipper with Finger Loop [Product Code: 99401]
Developed In Unknown
Country of Origin China
Certifications/ Awards N.A.


Usage/ Application For trimming thread and craft work
Care & Maintenance Clean the plastic with a slightly damp cloth. Remove fiber from the blades with an old toothbrush
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Avoid exposure to moisture to avoid rusting. Keep away from children
Warranty & Guarantee None
Shipping Mode Air/Express: Yes Surface: N.A.
Attachments N.A.

  • How it Works?



    Flat gripping angle: The nipper is held flat in alignment with the thumb and fingers in a straight line with the support of the palm rather than having to bend them into the finger loops of a scissor at an extended angle

    Easy Thread Nipper (NEINPN09) by Pony Needles India

    Inbuilt Spring: Makes it easier to operate with reduced pressure on weak fingers to open the blades unlike regular scissors

    Easy Thread Nipper (NEINPN09) by Pony Needles India

    Ring Finger Loop: Adds to the stability of gripping and guidance while cutting

    Easy Thread Nipper (NEINPN09) by Pony Needles India

  • How to Use?

    • Hold the thread nipper in your dominant hand
    • Insert your ring finger into the finger loop
    • Now use your thumb and index finger to apply pressure to close the nipper
    • The nipper automatically reopens due to spring tension
    • Use it to snip threads or clip yarn ends while working

    Easy Thread Nipper (NEINPN09) by Pony Needles India


    • Keep away from children
    • Avoid exposure to moisture in order to protect from rusting
      • Clean fibers from the blade regularly with a dry old toothbrush


  • Our Take

    • A great addition to every sewing kit - and a good buy at the price offered
    • We find it really appropriate over regular small scissors for convenience of use
    • After trying it with regular paper cutting and craft related tasks, we find it equally precise as regular scissors for fine cutting with a bit of practise

    - Shweta

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