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by Pony Needles India

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Ideal for: Everyone. Especially if affected by low-vision and poor hand-eye co-ordination. A great addition to your personal travel kit for emergency repairs.

  • Instantly thread needles without wasting time
  • Change threads as frequently as needed
  • Eliminates the need to focus for long to thread the needle
  • Reduces dependence on caregivers for everyday tasks

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  • Usage/Application: As an essential clothing/draping maintenance product
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Dimensions Size 4: 35 mm (l), Size 6: 39 mm (l), Size 8: 43 mm (l)
Weight/ Volume 1 g approx (Combined weight of 6 needles)
Technical Material: High Carbon Steel Wire and Gold Tip with Nickel Finish
In the Package 6 Easy Threading Needles (Sizes 4, 6 & 8 - 2 units each) [Product Code: 12851]
Developed In India
Country of Origin India
Certifications/ Awards N.A.


Usage/ Application For standard sewing tasks
Care & Maintenance Should not be left in contact with water or liquid to avoid corroding the metal
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in a dry and rigid container when not in use after cleaning. Replace in case the notch starts releasing the thread frequently
Warranty & Guarantee N.A.
Shipping Mode Air/Express: Yes Surface: Yes
Attachments N.A.

  • How it Works?

    The V-Notch Head: A slot on the top allows the thread to be pushed downwards into the upper compartment of the needle eye. The second notch allows you to thread the needle the regular way if you so wish

    Gold-Eye: Differentiates the head and eye of needle from the rest of the body apart from making it easier for the thread to slide through
    This image showcases the Coolprene Material structure which captures heat and wicks away moisture from the skin
  • How to Thread The Needle?

    • Stabilize the needle by inserting the tip into a soap bar or a pincushion. Helpful if you suffer from light hand tremors
    • Stretch the thread you are going to insert into the needle between your hands. No need to break it from the spool
    • Slide it along the notch that is located at the head of the needle
    • To insert the thread into the eye, use light downward pressure to push the thread through the gap. Be mindful lest you break the thread
    • You will feel a slight click as the needle passes through
    • The needle is now threaded and ready for use
    • When passing the needle through fabric, please pull it through gradually and lightly. This will not let the thread break or slip out the notch

    This image showcases the Coolprene Material structure which captures heat and wicks away moisture from the skin


    • Before starting to sew, organize your sewing materials together
    • If you have low vision, make sure that the lighting is sufficient
    • Keep a Horseshoe Magnet nearby to help you locate dropped needles. Also run it over the floor of your sewing area after your work is done as a double check
    • Don't sew barefoot or when wearing thin socks or slippers. Fallen needles can cause foot injuries which can be rather troublesome especially if you have Diabetes and/or reduced sensation in your feet
    • Keep away from children or people who might hurt themselves with it
    • Store the Needles in a Plastic box after use away from heat and moisture

    P.S.: Kindly refrain from pushing the thread down the needle too hard or

  • Our Take

    • I am so glad I found this needle - really makes my life simple when one of the kids buttons pops off as they are leaving for school
    • It's one of my early discoveries and we have often shown this product around as an idea that has merit to be part of our collection permanently
    • I hope the Pony team can come up with larger sized needles for mending heavier fabrics

    - Shweta

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