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Ideal for: everyone for taking better care of feet at home. Provides relief from pain and discomfort in cases of mild Arthritis (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid), soft tissue injury (stretched or strained ligament and tendon, Plantar Fasciitis, muscle and joint pain)

  • Beneficial for the elderly with foot disorders like diabetic ulcers, ingrown nails, corns and calluses
  • Stimulates blood circulation in the feet, promotes cell generation Helps to revitalize and invigorate the feet by relaxing tense muscles
  • Provides warm water, bubble and vibrating massage therapy to cold, tired or stressed feet. Can be used with bath salts or aromatherapeutic agents like essential oils for complete stress relief
  • Ensures special massage for tender/sensitive reflex zones of the feet thanks to removable roller attachments
  • Easy to operate and comes with advanced features that can be customized as per preference of the user
  • Useful for everyone with back pain/post-surgical rehab/limited mobility in hands or arms to take care of their feet with minimum exertion on affected body part. Aids Caregivers too
  • Your purchase is protected by a 3 Year Warranty

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  • Brand: Beurer Germany
  • Variants: 1
  • Item Code: BEURFB01
  • Usage/Application: As an aid for foot care at home
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 3 Years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only
  • Returns & Refunds: Returns only in case of damage during delivery or item not working on arrival as intimated within 2 days of receipt. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Overall: 390 mm (l) x 350 mm (w) x 170 mm (h) | Foot Cavity: 320 mm (l) x 300 mm (total width) | Massage Roller: 70 mm * 4 rollers | Pedicure Attachments: 40 mm (diameter) | Max Water fill height: 50 mm | Cord: 1.8 m (l) | Setting Knob: 50 mm diameter
Weight/ Volume 1.92 kg approx
Technical Material: High Quality Polymers, Electricals
In the Package 1 Foot Bubble Spa [Product Code: FB20], Instruction Manual
Developed In Germany
Country of Origin China
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards, EAC (Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures)


Usage/ Application As an aid for foot care at home
Care & Maintenance The unit should be rinsed with tap water after use. Should be cleaned with a mild, non-foaming household cleaner like neutral vinegar. For drying the air lines, switch to the bubble setting without water for approx. 1 minute
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store the footbath in its original packaging in a dry area. Do not leave it open for an extended period. Refer manual for detailed instructions
Warranty & Guarantee 3 years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only.
Contact Beurer India Customer Support:
Call 011 25499537 | email:
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Air/Express: No         Surface: Yes

Download: USER MANUAL457 KB

  • How it Works?

    3 function settings: The Foot Bubble Spa has the distinctive feature of three different function settings for three types of refreshing foot massages including vibration massage, Bubble massage and water heating

    Massage-supporting footbed: The footbed of the product is specially designed to provide the ideal support for a comfortable massage. It can also be used for dry massage

    Foot reflex massage: Removable massage roller attachments are provided for foot reflex zone massage. It is a very popular massage technique in which the entire body is believed to be influenced by treating the feet

    Gentle Vibration Massage: Allows the user to enjoy a relaxing foot massage with gentle vibration for stress relief. Provides pain relief and therapy in arthritic patients and muscle sprains or strains

    Bubble massage: The product is equipped with a revitalising bubble massage. It effectively helps to relax sore muscles, soothe stressed feet and take care of the tender skin cleansing it from dust and germs

    Pedicure attachments: The foot spa comes with 3 interchangeable pedicure attachments (brush attachment, massage attachment, corn and callus remover) which can be used as per individual needs and preferences. Help to reduce corns, calluses and boils in feet. A practical hanger is provided for keeping the attachments clean, dry and arranged after using

    Soothing infrared light field: The infrared lights in the foot spa helps to create a soothing effect on the mind and the body of the user to help them relax completely

    Removable splash protection: This protects spillage of the water and wetting of floor while enjoying a massage

    Non-slip rubber feet: A non-slip rubber base ensures better fixation of the device while using

    Cord winder: The cord winder ensures better safety from chances of electrical shocks due to exposed wires and cables

    Low power consumption: The device works on moderate power consumption of 120 Watts

  • How to Use?

    • Fill the foot bath with warm water no higher than the level indicator (approx. 4-5 cm)
    • Ensure that the rotary switch is set to Power off icon for the Foot Bubble Spa FB20 by Beurer Germany before the unit is connected to the mains
    • Make sure the cable is routed safely so that there is no risk of anyone tripping over it
    • Be seated comfortably in a chair
    • Place your feet on the footrest and apply slight pressure
    • Set the desired function on the rotary switch:
    1. Off
    2. Vibration Massage + Infrared Light,
    3. Heat + Bubble Massage,
    4. Heat + Bubble and Vibration Massage + Infrared Light
    • Pour the water out over the narrow side of the footbath after use

    Massage roller

    • Install the rollers, making sure that the roller fixing points downwards, as shown in the illustration given in the instruction manual
    • Move your feet back and forth on the four massage rollers integrated into the bottom of the footbath for special massage effect
    • Optionally, the massage rollers can be removed by pulling them firmly upwards

      Foot Bubble Spa (BEURFB01) by Beurer

      1. Splash protection 2. Rotary switch 3. Water level mark 4. Bubble strip 5. Massage attachment
      6. Removable pedicure attachments
      a. Corn and callous remover b. Brush c. Massage attachment
      7. Rubber feet (bottom side) 8. Foot rest with massage naps 9. Cord winder (bottom of device)


      • Never connect the foot bath to the power supply when your feet are already in the water. If the device is damaged, this can lead to an electric shock
      • Do not use the footbath if you have any changes caused by disease or injury in your foot (e.g. open wounds, warts, fungal infection)
      • Do not use the foot bath for longer than 20 minutes to avoid risk of overheating. Allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes before using it again
      • This device must be not be used by children or persons (including children) with restricted physical or sensory capabilities without supervision
      • Do not place the foot bath in the shower, bathtub or wash basin for filling
      • Please do not use it for animals or uses beyond what its been made for
      • Switch the device off and disconnect the power supply after every use and before every cleaning
      • Never stand up with your feet in the foot bath, as you might slip
      • If the device is not working properly check the connectivity thoroughly. Send it to the Beurer Service Centre in India for repairs

      P.S.: Consult your doctor before ordering this product especially for those suffering from diabetes, thrombosis, varicose veins, vein inflammations or recovering from foot surgery

    • Our Take

      • Unlike other home foot spas, this has multiple features, especially a deep dish paired with extended warranty
      • The combinations are highly useful from basic pain relief to wholesome foot therapy as a DIY product, especially for diabetics, anyone dealing with heel pain or plantar fasciitis
      • A supportive aid for Caregivers as well for helping their wards

      - Sumit

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