Foot Warmer with Massage

by Beurer Germany

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Ideal for: Everyone during winters for comfort. Especially for pain relief and therapy: Arthritis (Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid), soft tissue injury (stretched or strained ligament and tendon, Plantar Fasciitis, muscle and joint pain)

    • Provides heat plus vibrating massage therapy to cold, tired or stressed feet and lower calves
    • Vary temperature and massage levels across the day as relief and comfort progress
    • Warms the feet even when switched off - fleece inner pocket is an excellent heat retainer
    • Easy to control and comfortable to use even over long hours of sitting

Use under Supervision if affected by: Diabetes (Neuropathy), Mental, Motor, Paraplegia and Limited Mobility disorders that can impact recognition of and immediate personal response to overheating in any manner whatsoever. For those fitted with a pacemaker, please consult your doctor and the manufacturer of your pacemaker before using this foot warmer. Read Technical Details below.

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Beurer Germany
  • Variants: 1 (Ideal for feet sized up to UK 11. Size 12 UK will fit, but just about)
  • Item Code: BEURFW01
  • Usage/Application: For warming the feet and ankle plus pain relief or relaxation via massage and heat therapy.
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 3 Years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only.
  • Returns & Refunds: Returns are not offered on this product for safeguarding hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Lining: Base of pocket: 260 mm x 305 mm (h) on heel side x 245 mm (w) | Outer: Base - 320 mm x 280 mm (h) on heel side x 280 mm (w) | 55 mm foam padding | Cord - Controller Section: 1.02 meters (l), Adapter section: 1.8 meters (l) | Controller: 118 mm (l) x 35 mm (w) x 23 mm (h)
Weight/ Volume Warmer: 680 g approx | Cord: 184.5 g approx
Technical Material: Teddy Lining, Wool, Synthetics
In the Package 1 Foot Warmer with Massage [Product Code FWM45], 1 adapter, 1 controller, Instruction Manual, Mini Beurer Catalogue
Developed In Germany
Country of Origin China
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards, EAC ( Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures)


Usage/ Application For warming feet and stress relief via massage plus heat therapy. Note: Do not use this product if Warming or Heat Generating Ointments/Liniments have been applied.
Care & Maintenance Teddy Lining: Should only be hand-washed in cold water. Air dry away from heat or sunlight. Should not be bleached, ironed or dry-cleaned.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Refer manual for detailed instructions. Please store in original packaging
Warranty & Guarantee 3 Years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only.
Contact Beurer India Customer Support: Call 011 25499537 | email: cc.decenthealthcare@gmail.com
Shipping Mode
Air/Express: Yes         Surface: Yes
Attachments Click to Download Multi-Lingual Instruction Manual (Refer page 8-12 for English)

  • How it Works?

    Removable Teddy Lining: The feet are always snug and warm in the soft and heat retaining fleece pocket whether the foot warmer is on or not. Just pull it out for washing and airing (read Instruction Manual)

    Cushioning: A thick layer (55 mm) of Firm Density Foam is always at your feet for them to rest on. It also balances the vibrations for an even massaging experience

    Foot Warmer with Massage (BEURFW01) by Beurer

    Removable Teddy Lining

    Two Temperature and Massage Level Settings: To get instant pain relief or for warming up your feet in extreme weather, Setting Level 2 on the controller for Heat and/or Massage options is ideal. Level 1 maintains the comfort levels over a period of time by reducing the intensity. Both setting options are independently changeable

    Foot Warmer with Massage (BEURFW01) by Beurer

    Two Temperature and Massage Level Settings

  • How to Use?

    • As per our assessment, the foot warmer can accommodate feet sized up to UK 11 comfortably. Sizes 12 will fit, but struggle for comfort a bit. Kindly order accordingly.
    • Please unpack the Foot Warmer and Cord
    • You will need a Type G plug point or adaptor for the same. Identify a point close by that does not stretch the cord too much. Will also help in avoiding falls due to tripping
    • Plug in the cord, after checking the settings on the controller are in ‘0’ position
    • Settle into a comfortable seat and make sure the floor where you are keeping the warmer is dry and cleaned well to avoiding dirtying the fabric and any electrical mishaps. You can comfortably place it on a rug too
    • Please take off your shoes and other footwear. While you can use socks, we recommend not using any unless necessary for best comfort. Do not use nylon or synthetic fabrics as they can lead to burns - only cotton
    Foot Warmer with Massage (BEURFW01) by Beurer

    1. Cable
    2. Mains Part
    3. Controller
    4. Sliding switch for massage settings (0-1-2)
    5. Sliding switch for heat settings (0-1-2)
    6. Fleece lining
    7. Foot warmer

    • Switch the Settings as you wish for Heat and Massage.
    • If you wish to use it over hours, get initial relief by setting level 2 for both and then bringing them to 1 or zero to maintain the comfort
    • Once done, change the settings to 0 for both and allow the warmer to cool down before storing it.
    Foot Warmer with Massage (BEURFW01) by Beurer


    • This device must be not be used by children or maintained by them without supervision
    • It is not designed for use in hospital and institutional environments
    • Use and store in dry areas only
    • Please do not use it for animals or uses beyond what its been made for
    • If the unit does not switch on, check the connectivity thoroughly. Send it to the Beurer Service Centre (hyperlink) in India for repairs


    P.S.: Kindly consult your Physician or Medical Specialist before using this product in case of skin insensitivity or heat intolerance.
    To be used under supervision by children and those with limited response to emergencies

  • Our Take

    • A great addition to every home, especially when Winter comes calling
    • A round-the-year comforter for everyone dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis, lower Foot and lower Calf pain when paired with the Massager option
    • The fleece lining is really soft to the touch and must be used with reasonable care

    - Sumit

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