Healing Mantras for Fever (Audio CD)

by Times Music

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  • Audio CD comprising of positive and uplifting chants from ancient Hindu scriptures which are beneficial to provide relief during fever
  • The 45 minute long CD presents beautiful mantras chanted by renowned vocal artistes Kalapini Komkali, Jayteerth Mevundi and Shaunk Abhisheki accompanied by soulful instrumental music. Includes an introductory Shloka by the legendary Pandit Jasraj
  • This album has earned accolades around the world for its success in Mantra based therapy and is a popular choice for personal listening or gifting your loved ones
  • Can be played on a CD player or on personal computer/ laptop

+Track List
  • Inner Voice Signature Shlok by Pandit Jasraj ( 00 Min : 38 Sec )
  • Jwara Gayatri Bhasma Yudhaya by Kalapini Komkali ( 08 Min : 44 Sec )
  • Shri Krishna Balabhadra by Kalapini Komkali ( 11 Min : 26 Sec )
  • Namammi Tvam by Kalapini Komkali, Jayteerth Mevundi ( 05 Min : 33 Sec )
  • Achyutananda Govinda by Kalapini Komkali ( 11 Min : 06 Sec )
  • Raam-Charitmanasa Doha by Shaunk Abhisheki ( 06 Min : 45 Sec )

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  • Brand: Times Music
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  • Genre: Spiritual, Wellness | Music
  • Item Code: TMMC40
  • Usage/Application: As an alternative/complementary therapy
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Dimensions Overall 141 (l) mm x 124 (b) mm x 9 (h) mm
Weight/ Volume 81 g approx. | CD: 15 g
Technical Audio CD
Tracks/ Language 6 Tracks | Sanskrit
Genre Spiritual, Wellness | Music
In the Package 1 Times Music Audio CD [Product Code: TDIWL029C]
Country of Origin India


Usage/ Application As an alternative/complementary therapy
Care & Maintenance Please don’t drop this CD in abrasive liquids, expose to magnetic materials etc. Can be cleaned with a lint free, damp cloth
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Please store in original packaging to protect from scratches. Do not leave in player to avoid damaging the recording surface
Warranty & Guarantee Only against manufacturing defects reported within 2 days of delivery
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Air/Express: Yes           Surface: Yes
Attachments Download the booklet of Healing Mantras for Fever

    • Ancient Hindu scriptures, like the Sam Veda and the Atharva Veda identified certain beneficial mantras. In contemporary times, music therapy based on Indian classical music has gained immense popularity for its effectiveness, especially when used to supplement normal medications and exercise. This unique album combines the power of the two and assembles a beautifully orchestrated musical experience that enhances the desired effect of relief from fever in the listener
    • The vibrations and the auditory stimulus created by the chants accompanied by powerful classical music, generate a calming effect on the brain and nerves thereby helping to alleviate high temperature


    This is a supplementary therapy and is not recommended as a replacement to allopathy/naturopathy as prescribed by a trained Physician/Medical Specialist