Heart Rate Monitor (High Precision Wearable)

by Beurer Germany

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    1. Ideal for: everyone. Useful for monitoring ECG-accurate heart rate, day-to-day activity, calorie and fat burning during exercise and training. Especially in cases of obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Rheumatoid Arthritis and other related conditions. Perfect for those who have been advised to maintain strict exercise and diet routine
    2. Displays accurate time and date for keeping record of activity and heart rate
    3. Alerts if heart rate falls below or rises above normal level thus helping to take timely precautionary measures to avoid major cardiac arrest
    4. Gives an overview of daily activity time, number of steps, the distance covered, current speed and average speed with the help of multidimensional activity sensor
    5. Easy to operate and handle thanks to measurement with finger sensor
    6. Low effort on maintenance - can be washed by hand
    7. Your purchase is protected by a 3-year warranty
    1. Brand: Beurer Germany
    2. Variants: 1 (suitable for waist size from 70 cm to approx. 130 cm)
    3. Item Code: BEURPM01
    4. Usage/Application: As a training, instrument to measure heart rate. Do not use if any skin cream/suntan lotion has been applied
    5. Warranty/Guarantee: 3 Years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only. Except in case of improper use
    6. Returns & Refunds: Returns are not offered on this product for safeguarding hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.
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Pulse functions

ECG accurate heart rate: The heart rate monitor measures accurate heart rate with the precision of an Electrocardiography

Measurement loop via finger sensor: The heart rate monitor has finger sensor mechanism which enables high accuracy. Full surface sensor technology uses piezoelectric effect which helps to convert electrical signals into waves that give the accurate reading

Targeted training zone suggestion: This innovative feature lets monitor suggest the most suitable training zone for the user based on the readings

Adjustable upper and lower limits: The monitor allows adjusting the upper and lower limits of the range of normal heart rate for an individual. This feature signals an alarm in case the heart rate falls below or goes above the preset limits thereby helping the user to get medical help in time

Activity functions

Multidimensional activity sensor: This specialised sensor calculates the number of steps taken (minimum 10 constant steps), activity time, the distance covered, current speed and average speed. The sensor offers 5 levels of sensitivity. Also it allows to keep a record of the daily activity. The monitor displays the calorie and fat loss of the user after exercise thus helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Time function

Display of date and time: The additional feature of the monitor is the display of correct time in 24 hours format, date and day of the week (calendar upto 2099). Some extra features include an alarm, a stopwatch and a countdown timer which makes it suitable for use by professional athletes during training


Wristband: The heart rate monitor can be worn on the wrist just as a regular wristwatch. The wristband is flexible, body-hugging and with comfortable aeration to keep skin free from sweat

Water resistant 50 meters: The device is resistant to water (50 meters). It can be worn during swimming. However, heart rate measurement is not possible underwater


Measuring  Your Heart Rate

  • Touch the metal surface of the casing with your index finger or thumb
  • Ensure that the back of the monitor is in direct contact with your skin
  • Press your finger lightly against the metal surface of the casing for 3-7 seconds continuously
  • Note that the heart symbol and two horizontal lines flash in the middle of the display screen during measurement
  • The heart rate displayed in beats per minute once it is determined in about 10-12 seconds
  • On the right side of the display screen, a percentage value is displayed indicating where your pulse is in comparison to the recommended/set maximum pulse
  • seconds
  • An arrow is visible next to the ZONE symbol, which indicates whether the heart rate exceeds or falls below the set values of maximum and minimum limits
  • Remove your finger or thumb to return to the mode last used

Heart Rate Monitor (Wearable) (BEURPM01) by Beurer

For more details on how to use the Beurer heart rate monitor and also access different features, carefully read the instruction manual available for download below


  • People suffering from cardiovascular diseases or those with pacemakers should only use this heart rate monitor after having consulted their doctor. Please consult your doctor about your ideal upper and lower training heart rate, as well as the recommended duration and frequency of the training
  • Clean your skin and fingers with soap to ensure better transmission of the signal when measuring your pulse. Wet the tips of your fingers or use a conductive paste in case your pulse is not measured correctly
  • Avoid twisting and bending your wrist when measuring. Avoid intense movement during the pulse measurement to get a reliable result
  • Avoid contact with suntan lotions or the like, since these can cause damage to the imprint or plastic components
  • The HR monitor should be removed for activities, where only hand movements are carried out (e.g. cleaning windows) to avoid incorrect results

P.S.: Please consult your licensed Cardiologist/Cardiac Surgeon before ordering this product

Our Take

  • While there are many options for wearable Heart Rate Monitors and Pulse checkers now, with Beurer, one buys into consistency, sturdiness and trust. 
  • The wearable is an essential buy for those living with heart disease. Large digits for easier reading help in cases of low vision.

 - Sumit

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Dimensions Face: 40 mm (l) x 38 mm (w) | Screen: 20 mm (l) x 20 mm (w) |
Strap: Buckle Side 70 mm (l) x 17 mm (w), Holes Side 122 mm (l) x 17 mm (w), 10 Holes starting at 37 mm from face till 103 mm at gaps of 5 mm
Ideal for Wrist Sized: 150 mm to 210 mm
Weight/Volume 70 g approx.
Technical Material: High Quality Polymers, Silicone
In the Package 1 Heart Rate Monitor (Wrist) [Product Code: PM18], Instruction Manual
Developed In Germany
Country of Origin China
Certifications/Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards, EAC ( Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures)


Usage/Application As a training instrument to measure heart rate. Note: Do not use if any skin cream/suntan lotion has been applied
Care & Maintenance Should be cleaned carefully with soapy water. The back of the monitor should be wiped with a clean cloth once in a while. Should be rinsed with clean water and dried carefully with a soft towel
Storage/Do's & Don'ts Store the HR monitor in a clean, dry area when not in use. Refer manual for detailed instructions
Warranty & Guarantee 3 years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only. Except in case of improper use
Contact Beurer India Customer Support:
Call 011 25499537 |
email: cc.decenthealthcare@gmail.com
Shipping Mode
Air/Express: Yes         Surface: Yes
Attachments Download the Instruction manual for Heart Rate Monitor (Wrist) by Beurer Germany