Home Basics Kit with Lint Remover

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    1. This hamper is a home maintenance kit with products that help you manage sewing, craftwork and apparel maintenance easily. Comes with a special Lint Remover Comb
    2. The Elements include:
      1. Pre-Threaded Needle Kit
      2. Easy Threading Needle
      3. Magic Needle
      4. Easy Thread Nipper
      5. Handy Magnet
      6. Wool Comb for Lint & Bobbles
      7. Customised Photograph (6" x 4")
      8. Complimentary Gift Wrapping

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    Pre-Threaded Needle Kit: Emergency mending kit with 10 pre-threaded needles (Size 7 sharps) and 8 primary thread colours

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    Easy Threading Needle: Just push the thread down onto the needle head and it’s ready to sew

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    Magic Needle: Instantly repairs odd pulls in fabric, snags in knitted & woven clothing, upholstery. Works on all fabrics.

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    Easy Thread Nipper: Best alternative to regular scissors for snipping threads, yarn ends or notching fabric while sewing/doing craft

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    Handy Magnet: Picks up fine needles, coins, and other small metal objects which are difficult to spot

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    Wool Comb for Lint & Bobbles: De-pills and removes fuzz balls, fluff, hair, pet fur and dust from woven or knitted fabrics and thick upholstery

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