Jagjit Singh - The King of Ghazal (USB Music Card)

by Sony Music

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    1. 80 selected ghazals from the best renditions by legendary Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh. His soothing vocals, in perfect symphony with the timeless compositions and heartfelt lyrics : all together create an ambience of transcendence
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    2. The tracks include all-time favourites and form the ultimate collection of Jagjit Singh’s most popular songs and is a source of delight for every music lover. Serves as the perfect gift for a music collector and anyone with a penchant for listening to music
    3. Songs from movies and albums spanning over more than five decades, this collection takes the listener for a musical walk down the memory lane
    4. Packed onto a credit-card sized 8 GB premium music card (USB Memory Stick) for easy listening and gifting. Highest quality MP3 format music with 320 kbps bitrate
    5. Can be played directly via your car stereo, laptop, mobile (with OTG Connectivity), Speakers (with USB port) and any other USB compatible devices
    6. Songs can be transferred to Windows laptop/PC/MacBook/iMac or any media with USB connectivity

      Package includes a pocket booklet with Track Listing and Artiste Details

      1. Brand: Sony Music
      2. Variants: 1
      3. Genre: Ghazal | Language: Hindi, Urdu
      4. Item Code: SMMC04
      5. Usage/Application: As an easy-to-carry and multi-device music library
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    • Jagjit Singh is often considered to be the greatest Ghazal singer of the past and present century in terms of success. He is recognised for the revival and commercial popularity of Ghazals through their use in the genre of Indian contemporary music
    • With a career spanning over fifty years, he single-handedly redefined the dimension of Ghazal in the domain of Indian music. His soothing voice, mellifluous compositions and the unique style of emphasis on the poignant lyrics to bring out the emotions in the listener, make him the true King of Ghazals. This album offers a blissful experience for any music lover


    Jagjit Singh - The King of Ghazal (SMMC04) by Sony Music
    • Sacchi Baat
    • Aankhon Mein Jal Raha Hai Kyun
    • Be-Sabab Baat
    • Woh Khat Ke Purze Udaa Raha Tha
    • Dairo-Haram
    • Shaam Se Aankh Mein Nami Si Hai
    • Pyaar Ka Pehla Khat
    • Zindagi Yun Hui Basar Tanha
    • Sheikh Ji
    • Ek Parvaz Dikhayi Di Hai
    • Tumne Badle Humse
    • Din Kuch Aise Guzarta Hai Koi
    • Zindagi Ai Zindagi
    • Sar Hi Na Jhuka
    • Zindagi Tune
    • Woh Kaghaz Ki Kashti
    • Haath Chhute Bhi To Rishtey Nahi Chhoda Karte
    • Shayad Main Zindagi Ki Sahar
    • Ek Purana Mausam Lauta
    • Meri Ajab Hai Zindagi

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    Dimensions Overall: 85 mm (l) x 55 mm (w) | USB: 26 mm (l) x 12 mm (w)
    Weight/Volume 11 g approx
    Technical USB Memory Stick, 320 kbps MP3 Format
    Tracks/Language 80 Tracks | Hindi, Urdu
    Genre Ghazal
    In the Package 1 Sony Music Card [Product Code: S9090USB019] and Track List Booklet
    Country of Origin India


    Usage/Application As an easy-to-carry and multi-device music library
    Care & Maintenance Please don’t drop this card in liquids, expose to magnetic materials etc.
    Storage/Do's & Don'ts Do fold the USB stick head back into the main card unit for storage. Keep it away from heat and sunlight.
    Warranty & Guarantee N.A.
    Shipping Mode
    Air/Express: Yes           Surface: Yes
    Attachments Download the Track List for Jagjit Singh - The King of Ghazal