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Ideal for: Pain relief, support, reduction of edema (water retention) and healing due to any soft tissue injury, orthopaedic disorders (Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder) or post-surgery needs

  • Highly comfortable across period of use with extremely thin profile - almost skin like
  • Allows for free movement of soft tissue even while recovering from injury
  • Lasts 2-3 days from application even when exposed to water
  • Combines heat therapy with compression for focussed healing comparing other orthopaedic products that cater to larger zones

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  • Brand: Oppo Medical USA
  • Variants: 1 only.
  • Item Code: OPPOME44
  • Usage/Application: For pain and stress relief plus rehabilitation
  • Warranty/Guarantee: N.A.
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Dimensions 50 mm (w) x 4m (l)
Weight/ Volume Roll weight: 30g
Technical Material: Cotton, Acrylic Glue
In the Package 1 MAXTAPING A+ Roll [Product Code: 8094]
Developed In USA
Country of Origin USA
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards.


Usage/ Application For muscle imbalance, pain relief and edema reduction
Care & Maintenance N.A.
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store unused tape roll away from heat, sunlight and moisture. Should be applied by a trained technicia.
Warranty & Guarantee Only in case of manufacturing defects if informed within 3 days of delivery.
Shipping Mode Air/Express: Yes Surface: Yes
Attachments N.A.

  • How it Works?


    Intermittent Wave Pattern: The adhesive glue that bonds the tape to the skin has been layered to the fabric in a wave pattern rather than a smooth layer. The helps in lifting the skin, increased blood circulation, improved metabolism as well as relief from pain/edema.

    Water Resistant:
    Can be used for any activity and lasts up to 2-3 days post application. Even if it comes in contact with water, the adhesive doesn’t lose its strength therefore won’t fall off or lose functionality

    MAXTAPING (OPP0ME44) by Oppo Medical

    Courtesy: Oppo Medical

    Heat-Activate: The acrylic glue is heat-activated for better adhesion and performance
    100% Cotton:
    MAXTAPING is made of 100% cotton without Latex or chemical additives. This gives it breathability - almost like a second skin

  • How to Apply?

    This product must be applied under the supervision of a trained Physiotherapist or Specialist to identify the right muscle group to target

    MAXTAPING (OPP0ME44) by Oppo Medical

    Courtesy: Oppo Medical

    MAXTAPING (OPP0ME44) by Oppo Medical

    Courtesy: Oppo Medical


    • Care must be exercised not to stretch the tape too tightly during application
    • In case a rash develops, it’s best consult your physician and discontinue its use immediately

    P.S.: Kindly consult your Physiotherapist or Orthopaedic Specialist before ordering this product

  • Our Take

    • An excellent product while developed for sports injuries, has found high relevance in pain management for rehabilitation and musculoskeletal disorders such as OsteoArthritis
    • It’s skin like profile paired with stretchability make it a versatile product across body parts

    - Sumit

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