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Music Therapy for Migraine (Audio CD)

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Audio CD comprising of soulful instrumental music which is beneficial as a music therapy based aid in Migraine (Chronic headache). Provides relaxation to the mind and the body

The 48 minute long CD presents Indian Classical Music in Bansuri (flute) by eminent flautist Rupak Kulkarni and famous Violinist Sangeeta Shankar
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  • Based on “Sur Sanjeevan”, a music therapy system developed by Pandit Shashank Katti
  • Originally released in 2009, this album has earned accolades around the world for its success in music based therapy for migraine and is a popular choice for personal listening or gifting your loved ones
  • Can be played on a CD/DVD player or on personal computer/ laptop
  • Pairs with Music Therapy for High Blood Pressure and Music Therapy for Diabetes for a wholesome healing experience as per your health condition

+How it Works
  • Indian classical music has been known for ages for its potential to relieve the symptoms of certain ailments of the body and the mind. Music Therapy has been popular since ancient times. It was known as the Gandharva Veda in Ayurveda. It flourished during the time of the great musician Tansen from Mughal Emperor Akbar’s court.
  • The three major energy centres or Doshas of our body maintain the balance of health at their optimum levels. Imbalance of these energy centres gives rise to different ailments
  • In modern days, to aid in the treatment of the diseases, different Ragas are modified and played in an organised manner for a specific stipulated time
  • Hemicrania or migraine is a type of headache with peculiar symptoms and predisposing factors. Ayurveda identifies the head as the seat of Tarpak Kapha and Prana Vayu. It is also related to the pitta from its originative tissue pittadharakala. Imbalance in all three doshas can lead to this disorder. This can be well managed by balancing the doshas and restoring equilibrium
  • Two different Ragas of different times have been used to treat the ailment
  • Raag Ramkali played on the flute is to be heard between 6 am and 9 am. Raag Darbari is to be heard prior to sleeping in the night
  • The mellifluous tune of Raag Ramkali and Raag Darbari creates a diversion for the brain from the pain signals, thus giving the sensation of relief from headache or neck pain in migraine
  • The instrumental music of flute and violin impacts the limbic part of the brain (controls our emotions) generating positive emotions
  • It helps to lower the secretion of cortisol ( stress hormone) and gives a relaxing effect in stress-induced migraine pain
  • The music creates a soothing effect on the Autonomous Nervous system ( brain and spinal nerves) and promotes better body functions

+Track List
  • Raag Ramkali by Rupak Kulkarni
    ( 24 Min : 57 Sec )
  • Raag Darbari Kanada by Sangeeta Shankar( 22 Min : 53 Sec )

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  • Genre: Indian Classical | Language: Instrumental
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  • Usage/Application: As an alternative/complementary therapy
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Dimensions Overall: 142 mm (l) x 124 mm (b) x 9 mm (h)
Weight/ Volume 85.5 g | CD: 15 g approx
Technical Audio CD
Tracks/ Language 2 Tracks | Instrumental
Genre Indian Classical Music
In the Package 1 Times Music Audio CD [Product Code: TDIWL004C]
Country of Origin India


Usage/ Application As an alternative/complementary therapy
Care & Maintenance Please don’t drop this CD in abrasive liquids, expose to magnetic materials etc. Can be cleaned with a lint-free, damp cloth
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Please store in original packaging to protect from scratches. Do not leave in player to avoid damaging the recording surface
Warranty & Guarantee Only against manufacturing defects reported within 2 days of delivery
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