Abdominal Toning Belt (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

by Beurer Germany

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Ideal for: rehabilitation and exercising of abdominal muscles in case of pendulous (overhanging abdomen). Also helpful for toning abdominal muscles in a weakened or over-relaxed (pendulous) abdomen over time due to old age, obesity or inactivity (quadriplegia, paraplegia, extended post-surgical rehab period, stroke etc.)

  • Beneficial for maintaining the mobility and muscle strength of the inactive body part in persons who have been advised complete rest. Reduces rehabilitation time and activity significantly
  • Easy to wear by user or with the assistant of a caregiver thanks to wrap around style
  • Convenient to use with preset times and controllable settings
  • Comfortable during application with super soft electrodes and soft elastic belt that does not hurt. Safer that heat-therapy based belts
  • Comprises a number of programs and features suitable for individual preferences and needs (for waist sizes 70 cm to 130 cm max)
  • Shows noticeable difference in body shape within a short time. Memory function enables continuous monitoring of training
  • Easy to operate and maintain. Can be washed by hand

+Options, Warranty & Returns
  • Brand: Beurer Germany
  • Variants: 1 (suitable for waist size from 70 cm to approx. 130 cm)
  • Item Code: BEURAB01
  • Usage/Application: As a device for toning of abdominal muscles
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 3 Years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only
  • Returns & Refunds: Returns are not offered on this product for safeguarding hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Abdominal Pad: 255 mm (l) x 145 mm (w) | Electrodes: 22 mm (diameter) per electrode |
Elastic Straps with Velcro Hook and Loop Fastener: Strap with Loop Sections 445 mm (l) x 97 mm (w), 5 Loop Sections: 45 mm (l) x 97 mm (w) each | Strap with Hook Section: 430 mm (l) x 97 mm (w), Hook Section: 110 mm (l) x 97 mm (w)
Control Panel: 82 mm (l) x 85 mm (w) x 11 mm (d)
Weight/ Volume 245 g approx
Technical Material: Elastic, Neoprene, Plastic
In the Package 1 Abdominal Toning Belt [Product Code: EM30], Instruction Manual
Developed In Germany
Country of Origin China
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards, EAC ( Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures)


Usage/ Application As a device for toning of abdominal muscles
Care & Maintenance Remove the batteries from the device each time you clean it. Clean the device with a cloth slightly moistened with water or mild soapy water Do not use any chemical cleaners or abrasive agents for cleaning. Never drop the device. Ensure that no water penetrates into the device. If this should ever happen then only use the device once it is completely dry. Once you have removed the device (operating unit), you can wash the belt in lukewarm water. Use mild soapy water or a liquid detergent for this purpose. Do not use bleaches or machine wash
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts If the device is not in use, it is recommended that the device is kept separate from the belt. If the device is not needed for a long period, the batteries should be removed before storage. For proper disposal and other details please refer to the Instruction Manual
Warranty & Guarantee 3 years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only.
Contact Beurer India Customer Support:
Call 011 25499537 |
email: cc.decenthealthcare@gmail.com
Shipping Mode
Air/Express: Yes         Surface: Yes
Attachments Download the Instruction manual for Abdominal Toning Belt by Beurer Germany

  • How it Works?

    EMS technology: The abdominal toning belt works on the basis of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). The muscle stimulator generates gentle electrical pulses which pass through the skin to the muscles. As with natural activation by nerve pulses, the muscle fibers contract when the belt is used and then relax again.

    5 training programmes: The belt consists of 5 different training programs ranging from a duration of 22 minutes to 31 minutes. Each training session comprises of three distinct phases for achieving better fitness:

    1. a warm-up phase (30 Hz) of two minutes duration, which prepares the muscles for training
    2. a training phase (at a different frequency depending on the training program)
    3. a relaxation phase (30 Hz) of two minutes during which the muscles can relax again. The training memory function is suitable for maintaining a continual training regime and monitoring the results

    Countdown timer: Helps in maintaining a strict training schedule by showing remaining time

    Wear-free contact electrodes: The belt is provided with two wear-free contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material which permits contact with water. No need for any contact gel

    Adjustable intensity: The intensity of operation of the belt can be adjusted from 0 to 40

    Safe application: The material of the belt is 100% skin-friendly. Also, the belt is resistant to electrical shocks making it completely safe to use

    Flexible ergonomic shape: The belt has an ergonomic shape to provide compression to the abdominal muscles and conform to the body shape. It is flexible for use in a wide range of waist sizes from 70 cm to max. 130 cm

    Training memory function: The memory function is suitable for maintaining a continual training regime and monitoring the results

    LCD display: An LCD screen displays figurative symbols representing different functions for monitoring during use

    Automatic Switch-Off: The belt automatically switches off within 5 minutes if not used after switching on. Also, it is provided with a safety switch-off and pause function


    1. Operating unit
    2. LCD display
    3. Program and lock key
    4. On / Off / Pause key
    5. Selection key - Increase intensity
      1. Selection key - Reduce intensity
      2. Battery compartment lid
      3. Holder
      4. Surface electrodes
      5. Covers for electrode connection

      Abdominal Toning Belt (BEURAB01) by Beurer

    • How to Use?

      Attaching the belt

      • Ensure that your skin is clean and free of creams or oils
      • Lay the belt down with the electrodes facing towards you
      • Moisten both electrodes and your stomach with water. Make sure the electrode surfaces are evenly moistened to avoid high voltage points on your skin during subsequent training
      • Place the belt around your waist so that the electrodes are positioned on your stomach
      • Close the Velcro fastener ensuring good contact between the electrode and skin, but it does not constrict you

      Switching on the device

      • Press the On/Off switch
      • Note that Program A is activated the first time the device is started

      Selecting the program

      • Start the first week’s training with program A at a low level and gradually raise the level of your training with increasing muscle strengthening


      • Select the program by yourself according to your well-being and fitness level

      Setting the intensity level

      • Press the intensity selection key to increase the intensity and intensity selection key to reduce the intensity

      For more details on using the device, stopping or avoiding strong pulses, or taking a break during the training session, please go through the user manual for Abdominal Toning Belt by Beurer Germany, available for download below

      Note: If the belt is pulled away from the stomach so the skin contact in the electrode region is interrupted, the intensity level automatically returns to zero

      Avoiding unwanted pulse changes

      • Switch on the key lock by pressing the program selection key for around 3 seconds
      • Note the symbol appearing on the display after a sound signal
      • Press the key lock once more to deactivate

      Reacting to unpleasant sensations

      • Switch off the device in case any sensation of itching or prickling is felt while using the device
      • Check whether the electrodes are OK or if they are defective
      • Check whether the round cover over the electrode connections is still in place
      • Take the belt off and thoroughly moisten it again
      • Ensure good skin contact and proper moistening the next time the belt is applied

      Taking a break during the training session

      • Briefly press the Pause key
      • Note the pause symbol “II” symbol appears on the display following a sound signal
      • Press the Pause key again to continue the program

      For more details on using the device, please go through the user manual for Abdominal Toning Belt by Beurer Germany, available for download below


      • The device must not be used by pregnant women or those with cardiac pacemakers. Not recommended for use in cases cardiac arrhythmias, epilepsy, malignant diseases, abdominal injury, post abdominal surgery, low or high blood pressure, high fever, psychosis, abdominal swelling or inflammations, severe illness and acute or chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
      • The device should not be used near (less than 1 m) microwave ovens or microwave devices (eg. cell phones), which could cause fluctuation in the output parameters of the device
      • The device must not be used:
      1. On the head: here it can cause seizures.
      2. On the neck / carotid artery: here it can cause cardiac arrest.
      3. On the pharynx and larynx: here it can cause muscle spasms, which lead to suffocation.
      4. Near the ribcage: Here it can increase the risk of ventricular fibrillation and lead to cardiac arrest.
      • This device may be used by children over the age of 8 and by people with reduced physical, sensory or mental skills or a lack of experience or knowledge, only under strict supervision by an experienced person
      • Rest for at least 5 hours between training sessions. In the first week, do not use the abdominal toning belt for more than once a day
      • The device is only for private use and is not intended for medical or commercial purposes
      • Should not be submerged in water or other liquids. Not recommended for use in shower
      • Should be kept and used away from sources of heat
      • Use of the abdominal toning belt thus cannot replace actual active training entirely
      • In case of malfunctions, have repairs carried out only by the customer service department or an authorized dealer
      • If your skin or eyes come into contact with battery fluid, flush out the affected areas with water and seek medical assistance
    • Our Take

      • The inner material is soft to touch and very comfortable. The nodes are flat and do not pinch the user
      • The belt has stretchable elastic on the sides with a neoprene baed layer in front to maintain the skins breathability
      • Convenient to sit and move around during use

      - Sumit

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