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Ideal for: Everyone and every home. It is a key safety and prevention aid for staircases, zones with steps (main entry door, verandahs, courtyards) or a slanting surface. Works equally well indoors and outdoors. Definitely apply in case of family members affected by limited mobility, low vision, neurological or walking disorders

  • Prevents the foot slipping off the edge of the step - the zone with most chances of skidding even when the floor is absolutely dry
  • Simple to apply without need for assistance to any floor type - tiles, cemented, marble (choose the one in white), granite, wood etc. in any dry zone around the house
  • Usable on folding/wooden ladders and step stools to avoid accidents as an additional safety measure
  • Can last between 4-6 months depending on foot/material traffic and humidity levels (for adhesive)

P.S: Roll length is 5m which sufficient to cover 5 steps of 3 feet width each.
This tape should not be applied in wet zones or those spaces which are prone to constant contact with water or liquid. It has a slightly abrasive top and should be applied with care where bare feet movement is expected.

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  • Brand: Lohmann Tapes Germany
  • Variants: 2 Colours (Black, White)
  • Item Code: LMASB01, LMASW01
  • Usage/Application: Preventive application to reduce chances of slipping on stairs and steps.
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 6 months for unused material from date of sale.
  • Returns & Refunds: Only for unused product (if request is raised within 3 days) or identified manufacturing defects. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions 25 mm x 5 m
Weight/ Volume 25 g approx per 1 m of Tape Roll
Technical Material: Mineral (80 Poise Sand Concentration), PET & Adhesive
In the Package Anti Skid Tape Roll - 25 mm (Elastic) [Product Code: DuploColl 2005 ASM]
Developed In Germany
Country of Origin Germany
Certifications/ Awards N.A.


Usage/ Application As a Safety measure on staircases and steps including ladders and stools. Note: Do not apply on cracked, chipped floors without repairing them first.
Care & Maintenance Please ensure water and dust does not collect around the tape for excessive periods of time. We presume you will not be washing the floor daily but mopping it regularly
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Store in a cool (22o C and lower) and dry place. 1 year shelf life from date of sale
Warranty & Guarantee Only in case of manufacturing defects
Shipping Mode
Air/Express: Yes             Surface: Yes
Attachments N.A.

  • How it Works?


    Mineral based friction surface: A layer of mineral has been deposited as a coarse grain on the top layer that acts as the slip prevention medium

    PET Backing: A strong base made of the same material as the packaging mineral water bottles though much more flexible to attach strongly to uneven surfaces

    Anti Skid Tape (LOHMAS01) by Lohmann Germany

    High Quality Adhesive: Is able to handle occasional exposure to water and oils and does not let the tape come off the surface. Stays good in spite of occasional rains and washing of the floor.

    P.S.: Safety and prevention aid cannot stop an accident from happening, they work towards reducing the chances of them occurring. Please be observant of your surroundings while walking and wear footwear with a good grip

    Anti Skid Tape (LOHMAS01) by Lohmann Germany
  • How to Apply?

    • Clean the floor or surface well to ensure it is free of dirt and any grime
      • In case you are reapplying a fresh layer of antiskid tape, please ensure the older tape has been completely removed
    • Ensure there are no cracks or breaks in the floor (chipped tiles, broken cement - water and dirt will collect here and weaken the adhesive gradually from below). Kindly get them repaired before applying this tape.
      • If you are working with tiled and wood flooring, please clean the wood thoroughly to avoid any dust settling in the grooves
    • Measure the width of the step from edge to edge ideally and cut strips with scissors - this will prevent the tape from lifting off corners over time
    • Release a small part of the paper strip off the back from one side and start pasting the tape from one edge of the step.
    • Release the paper strip gradually as you keep pasting and pressing the tape
    • Ensure the area is kept dry for at least 4-5 hours to get a good bond strength between the floor and tape


    • Please apply this tape after careful consideration in areas where your family members typically walk bare feet
    • While this tape can easily take the weight of heavy rollers, equipment and luggage, do check occasionally for any wear and tear in the material
    • Avoid water collecting around the tape for excessive periods of time - it will impact the adhesive
  • Our Take

    • Popular in malls and industrial applications as a prevention and safety aid, anti-skid tapes have now found their way home
    • These tapes come from Lohmann Germany, world renowned bonding engineers with over 160 years of history
    • We found the bonding strength on granite, plastic and aluminium to be really good

    - Sumit

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