Handy Compressor Nebulizer (Compact Size)

by Omron Japan


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Ideal for: those troubled by asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), seasonal airborne allergies and other respiratory disorders. Small handheld unit offers better portability than standard compressor nebulisers.

  • Lightweight (180g) and portable. Compact unit design makes it easier to handle.
  • Easy to operate and maintain even by seniors
  • Suitable for both adults and children - can be used by more than one family member if required
  • Advanced mechanism ensures efficient delivery of medication into the deep lower airways and the lungs (particle size 3 µm)
  • Up to 10 ml of medication capacity with minimal residue retention after using
  • Very low noise generation during usage which makes it suitable for light-sleepers and recovering patients

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  • Brand: Omron Japan
  • Variants: 1
  • Item Code: OMNEB01
  • Usage/Application: Medical device for inhalation of medicine in respiratory disorders
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 3 years from date of sale
  • Returns & Refunds: We are unable to accept returns on this product in order to safeguard hygiene except in case of manufacturing defects. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Neublizer: 11 cm x 7.5 cm x 4 cm | Air Tube: 99 cm (l) x 0.5 cm (diameter) | Medicine Chamber: 10 cm (l) x 4 cm (w) | Mouth Piece: 5 cm (l) x 2.5 (w) | Adult Mask: 12 cm (l) x 7 cm (w) | Child Mask : 15 gm (weight), 8.5 cm (l) x 6 cm (w) | Omron Charger | Travel Pouch
Weight/ Volume Neublizer: 180 gm | Air Tube: 22 gm | Medicine Chamber: 25 gm | Mouth Piece: 5 gm | Adult Mask : 20 gm (weight) | Child Mask: 15 gm approx
Technical Material: High Quality Plastics & Polymers, Electricals
240 v
In the Package Compressor, Nebulizer Kit, Air Tube, Mouthpiece, Adult Mask, Child Mask, 5 Pcs Spare Air Filters, AC Adapter, Storage Bag, Instruction Manual
Developed In Japan
Country of Origin Vietnam
Certifications/ Awards Omron is a globally certified corporation and innovator. This product carries a CE mark for European Markets


Usage/ Application As a medical aid to support delivery of drugs through inhalation
Care & Maintenance Wash the nebuliser mouthpiece, mask and medicine chamber post every use as per instructions. Do not expose to excessive heat or overuse for commercial purposes
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Clean and store the parts separately in the original packaging provided away from heat and sunlight. More details in Instruction Manual
Warranty & Guarantee 3 years. Please contact Omron Customer Care in India for Support.
Call: 1800-419-0492 | email: callcentre@ap.omron.com
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Air/Express: Yes        Surface: Yes
Attachments Download the Instruction Manual for Omron Compressor Nebulizer NE-C803

Download: USER MANUAL1.78 MB

  • How it Works?

    • Efficient Nebulization Rate: Omron compressor nebulizer guarantees effective delivery of medication at a fast nebulization rate of 0.3ml per minute
    • Small particle size: The nebuliser converts the medication with the help of oxygen into fine mist of minute particle size aerosols (MMAD 3 µm) that reach deeper into the lungs and airways relieving respiratory constriction
    • Medication Capacity: The medication tank of the nebuliser can contain up to 10 ml of medication which leaves no residue after usage
    • Aerosol Output: The nebuliser has an effective aerosol output of 0.37ml at the rate of 0.05 ml/min.
    • Low noise generation: The in-built technology ensures generation of low level of sound even less than 45 dB which makes the nebuliser comfortable for use in older patients with cardiac and related ailments
    • Lightweight: With an approximate weight of only 180g, the unit can be easily carried and operated anywhere



    1. Compressor (Main unit)
    2. Nebulizer Kit
    3. Adult Mask
    4. Child Mask
    5. Air tube (100 cm)
    6. Mouthpiece
    7. Spare Air Filters
    8. AC Adapter, Storage Bag, Instruction Manual

    Compressor Nebulizer NE-C803 (OMNEB01) by Omron Japan


    P.S.:Please consult your licensed Respiratory Specialist/Pulmonologist before ordering any nebulizer

  • How to Use?

    • Before using the nebuliser for the first time, clean and disinfect the kit, mask, mouthpiece and optional nosepiece
    • Connect the AC adapter to the compressor and plug the power plug into a power outlet
    • Remove the inhalation top along with the vaporizer head from the medication tank
    • Add the prescribed medicine in the exact amount as advised by your doctor into the medication tank
    • Attach the vaporizer head to the inhalation top securely
    • Put the inhalation top back into the medication tank
    • Tightly attach the mask, mouthpiece or optional nosepiece to the nebulizer kit
    • Attach the air tube by pushing the air tube plugs firmly into the air tube connectors
    • Be seated comfortably in a stable manner near the nebulizer
    • Hold the nebulizer kit as diagrammatically shown in the instruction manual
    • Now turn on the power switch of the nebulizer
    • When the compressor starts, check that aerosol is being generated
    • Position your mouth accordingly with the mouthpiece or the mask as per your convenience and start inhalation
    • Turn off the switch and unplug the AC adapter after usage
    • Check that there is no condensation or moisture in the air tube
    • Clean and store the nebulizer


    For detailed instructions on care, maintenance and safety, please Download complete Instruction Manual for Handy Compressor Nebuliser by Omron


    • Change the air filter every 60 days or whenever necessary
    • Check the air tube before each use for any kinks and ensure that there is no leakage
    • Keep the medication tank, mouthpiece, optional nosepiece and mask clean and disinfected for future use. Wash as per the detailed instructions given in the instruction manual.
    • Keep the nebulizer and other accessories out of reach of small children as the small parts might be a choking hazard
  • Our Take

    • We had always sought smaller sized nebulisers since many patrons kept asking for one.
    • This one is a pocket-sized giant: it provides an equally good nebulisation rate and smaller particle size for better absorption

    - Sumit

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