Anti-Slip Treatment Kit for Wet Floors (DIY Kit)

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Ideal for: Everyone, particularly elderly adults, pregnant women and children. Serves as a precautionary fall prevention aid for in case of weak footing and poor balance. Works on multiple surface types.  

Shipped as a complete kit that includes cleaner, anti-slip solution, stabiliser, scrub, measuring cup and hand glove. Easy to apply by oneself or by a professional applicator within 1 hour.

    • Beneficial for differently abled persons with cerebral palsy, autism or other movement limitations
    • Improves the surface grip of the floor when it's wet - enhances the gripping quality of anti-skid tiles too. Creates a honeycomb structure with micropores that generate partial vacuum under the weight of the feet or shoe
    • Suitable for multiple floor types*. Lasts up to 5 years without affecting the colour or natural texture of the floor surface.
      Read How it Works Section below
    • Easy application and maintenance - needs only 45 minutes
    • Packaged as a Do-it-Yourself Installation Kit for 1 Bathroom/ Kitchen (60 sq. ft.). Installation services offered in select cities as well
    • Slip fall is the 2nd leading cause of accidental death, and wet spaces in homes are a potential hazard always

*P.S. The floor solution is effective on floors with Marble, Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Anti-Skid Tiles, Cemented Floor, Mosaic Floor, Porcelain Bathtubs etc. Should not be used on resin/coated tiles or flooring which has an additional surface treatment done.

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  • Brand: Lizard Grip
  • Variants: 1
  • Item Code: SSLZAS01
  • Usage/Application: Anti-slip floor treatment solution for preventing accidental falls and slips
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 5 years basis proper installation and maintenance as per instructions provided
  • Returns & Refunds: N.A. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Coverage Up to 60 sq. ft./DIY Kit
Weight/ Volume N.A.
Technical Proprietory Chemicals
In the Package 1 Lizard Grip Anti-Slip Floor Solution Kit [Product Code: LZDIY], Floor Degreaser Concentrate 20 ml (Solution 1), Lizard Grip Anti-Slip Solution 200 ml (Solution - 2), Lizard Grip Anti-Slip Solution Coating (Solution - 3), Applicator Pad - 1 nos., Hand Glove - 1 Nos., Warranty Card, Application and maintenance instruction manual plus information booklet
Developed In UK (Safety Direct Group)
Country of Origin USA
Certifications/ Awards Surface Solutions is an ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company


Usage/ Application As a floor treatment solution for preventing slips and falls
Care & Maintenance Use Deck Brush/T Brush to clean your floor regularly.
Brushes with plastic bristles are acceptable
    Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Do not do any waxing, coating, painting or sealing on the surface
    Do not use wire brushes in cleaning all treated surfaces
    Do not use highly acidic bathroom cleaners
      Warranty & Guarantee

      5 years basis appropriate application, flooring quality and maintenance procedure followed.
      Contact Surface Solutions Customer Care:

      Shipping Mode
      Air/Express: No             Surface: Yes
      Attachments Download Lizard Grip Installation Manual, Maintenance Guide and Warranty Card

      • How it Works?

        The Technology:

        Lizard Grip Anti-slip solution is formulated to create a honeycomb structure comprising thousands of nano-sized micro-indentations on the surface. On a wet surface, these indentations get filled with water. When someone stands on the wet surface the water is squeezed out of these micro-indentations creating a partial vacuum with miniature suction cups which prevent the foot from slipping.

        Anti-Slip Floor Solution (sslzas01) by Lizard Grip


        Transparency: Once coated, the solution does not affect the colour or texture of the floor and is almost invisible as no visible difference can be spotted between treated and untreated floors

        Long-lasting: With proper maintenance as per instructions, the anti-slip properties lasts for up to five years irrespective of weather conditions.

        Versatile: The floor solution is recommended for use in floor surfaces laid with Marble, Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Anti-Skid Tiles, Cement or Mosaic flooring. It is also suitable for Porcelain Bathtubs and Swimming Pools etc.

        Anti-Slip Floor Solution (sslzas01) by Lizard Grip




        Should you require, our professional applicators will come and apply the Lizard Grip treatment for you. On selecting "Request Treatment Application Service", while placing the order, we will inform our partners to contact you directly within 3-4 of dispatching the product. The application charges will need to be paid directly to the Team on ground. Appointment will be confirmed once the package is delivered to your residence via courier services. Base Charges mentioned cover up to 2 Bathrooms. Additional bathrooms/zones will be charged extra.

        Kolkata 400
        Cuttack 400
        Bhubaneshwar 400 + 100 (travel)
        Delhi 500
        Mumbai 500
        Gurgaon 600
        Faridabad 600
        Noida 600
        Indirapuram 600
        Bangalore 650
      • How to Apply?

        Anti-Slip Floor Solution (sslzas01) by Lizard Grip

        • Dilute the non-abrasive PH Neutral Floor Degreaser provided in the kit, by adding 200 ml water
        • Spread this mixture on the floor surface and leave for 10 minutes
        • After 10 minutes, scrub the floor clean to get rid of all kinds of dirt (Use a deck brush with plastic bristles for scrubbing)
        • Wipe with water and allow the floor to dry completely with no trace of water

        • Once the floor is completely dry, pour Lizard Grip Anti Slip Floor Solution (3 ml per sq. ft.) and spread it on the floor using the non-abrasive applicator included in the kit. Apply in successive vertical and horizontal movements
        • Let the solution dry for around 3 minutes
        • After 3 minutes, continue the vertical and horizontal movements to spread the solution evenly
        • Allow the floor to dry for another 15-20 minutes
        • For a second coat, pour Lizard Grip Anti Slip Solution (2 ml/sq.ft.)
        • Rub the floor with the applicator as done in STEP 3
        • Allow the floor to dry for 20-30 minutes
        STEP - 5: FINAL STEP
        • Once the floor is dry, pour plain water and scrub the floor clean using the non-abrasive pad given in the package
        • Clean the floor thoroughly with enough water. Your floor should be anti-slip now.

        Confirm the results
        • Try sliding your feet with enough pressure (full body weight) and compare it with an untreated surface. The weight should be similar to when you stand on the floor. Please note that the anti-slip properties come into effect when the full body weight falls on the floor just like under normal conditions. If you run your palm or finger lightly on the floor you will not feel the anti-slip property.

        • Try sliding your feet with enough pressure (full body weight) and compare it with an untreated surface. The weight should be similar to when you stand on the floor. Please note that the anti-slip properties come into effect when the full body weight falls on the floor just like under normal conditions. If you run your palm or finger lightly on the floor you will not feel the anti-slip property.
        • Pour water with oil or soap and you will find the friction after sliding for a couple of inches. The sliding property has been deliberately engineered into the solution so as to avoid a sudden braking effect and prevent a person from falling on his/her face.


        • Please test the solution in a small test area before applying
        • Use gloves and footwear during application
        • You may repeat the application process from steps 5 to 8 for better results
        • Do not apply in direct sunlight and provide enough ventilation
        • Do not use any electronic dryer for drying the floor after application
        • Ensure that all water sources are closed during application until the floor is completely dry
        • Keep out of reach of children
        • Do not use the floor during the time of treatment
      • Our Take

        • Lizard Grip has a unique approach to the anti-slip solution, it pairs chemically induced micro-indentations with a honeycomb pattern to ensured a comprehensive coverage.
        • We like the fact that it has a DIY Kit and that they are working to provide installation services nationally. Will definitely make life safer for many folks

        - Sumit

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