Travel Essentials Pack



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    1. The ideal kit to take care of basic needs while travelling. Includes some of our most popular and best designs among daily living aids.
      The Elements:
      1. No Tie Elastic Shoelaces
      2. Pre-Threaded Needle Kit
      3. Mini Easi-Grip Scissors
      4. Tablet Cutter
      5. Customised Photograph (6" x 4") on specialised MDF Frame
      6. Complimentary Gift Wrapping

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    No Tie Elastic Shoelaces: Basic footwear accessory for limited mobility in arms, back or leg. Reduces time & effort in tying shoes and promotes self-reliance. Perfect for short outdoor visits & vacations.

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    Pre-Threaded Needle Kit: Emergency mending kit with 10 needles (Size 7 sharps) with 8 primary thread colours

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    Mini Easi-Grip Scissors: Best soft grip mini scissors suitable for either hand in poor grip, lack of motor control or limited mobility. Useful for a wide range of activities.

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    Tablet Cutter: Reduces effort to split pills to control dosage. Perfect in limited mobility in hands or weak motor control. Prevents wastage & spoilage of medicines.

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