Multi-Function Thermometer

by Beurer Germany

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Ideal for: everyone. Measures temperature in the ear as well as the forehead. Safe to use for both kids and elderly persons

  • Can be used to measure the temperature of food and liquids patients who have been advised to consume food/fluids at a particular temperature. Measures temperature of water needed for post-surgical care, cleaning or bath for patients with mobility limitations
  • Takes instant measurement within seconds. Stores up to 10 measurements useful for monitoring fever pattern in patients
  • Ensures easy fever differentiation. Helpful in case of poor vision as it indicates high fever with a warning sound alert
  • Easy to read the temperature thanks to wide LCD display. Easy to operate with large buttons. Displays temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scale
  • Suitable for multiple users in a family

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  • Brand: Beurer Germany
  • Variants: 1
  • Item Code: BEURFT01
  • Usage/Application: As a device to measure the temperature of the body (in ear or forehead) and objects or liquids
  • Warranty/Guarantee: 3 Years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only
  • Returns & Refunds: Returns are not offered on this product for safeguarding hygiene. Please read through our Return Policy.

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Dimensions Overall: 137 mm (l) x 37 mm (w) x 40 mm (h) | Sensor Head: Forehead 20 mm (diameter), In-Ear 8 mm (diameter) x 18 mm (l)
Weight/ Volume 90 g including battery
Technical Material: Plastic
In the Package 1 Multi-Function Thermometer [Product Code: FT65], 2 X 1.5 V AAA batteries (LR03), Instruction Manual
Developed In Germany
Country of Origin China
Certifications/ Awards CE Marking for compliance with European Standards, EAC ( Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures)


Usage/ Application As a device to measure the temperature of the body (in ear or forehead) and objects or liquids
Care & Maintenance The sensor tip should be cleaned after each use. Use a clean cloth or cotton bud that can be moistened with disinfectant, alcohol or warm water. To clean the entire device, please use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild soapy solution. Do not use any harsh cleaning products
Storage/ Do's & Don'ts Always store the thermometer with the forehead/cover cap on. If prolonged storage is intended, the battery should be removed. The device must not be stored or used at an excessively high or low temperature or humidity (see technical data in instruction manual), in sunlight, in association with an electrical current or in dusty locations
Warranty & Guarantee 3 years from date of sale in case of manufacturing defects only.
Contact Beurer India Customer Support:
Call: 011 25499537 |
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Attachments Download the Instruction manual for Multi-Function Thermometer by Beurer Germany

  • How it Works?

    Measuring position: The body temperature can be measured in both ear and forehead. The normal temperature ranges are as follows:

    1. on the forehead: 96.4oF – 99.7oF (35.8oC – 37.6oC)

    1. in the ear: 96.8oF – 100oF (36.0oC – 37.8oC)

    If the measured value is within the normal range (< 100.4oF/38oC), the green LED lights up for 3 seconds. If the measured value is higher (≥ 100.4oF/38oC, high temperature), the red LED is illuminated. A warning alarm is sounded for raised temperature

    Surface temperature of objects and liquids Measures the temperature of the surface of an object or a liquid in no-contact mode from a distance of about 3 cm

    10 memory spaces: Up to 10 readings are automatically stored in the memory of the thermometer enabling it for monitoring fever pattern

    Temperature display: Measurement is displayed in both Celsius or Fahrenheit scale for better understanding of the user

    Time and date: The thermometer displays accurate time and date along with the measurement data

    Automatic switch off: The thermometer switches itself off automatically after approx. one minute after the measured values have been displayed


    1. Forehead/cover cap
    2. Forehead thermometer mode button Forehead
    3. Ear thermometer mode/on button Ear
    4. LED (red) (high temperature alarm)
    5. LED (green)
    6. LCD
    7. Sensor tip with lens (cover cap removed)
    8. Memory button
    9. Set button
    1. Battery compartment lid
    2. Date
    3. Time
    4. Measurement mode (“Ear”, “Forehead”, “Object”)
    5. Battery warning symbol
    6. Measurement display
    7. “Memory” symbol and storage space number
    8. “Measurement in progress” symbol
    9. Unit of measurement (oC or oF)

    Multi-Function Thermometer (BEURFT01) by Beurer

  • How to Use?

    • Press the button for 1 second to switch the thermometer on
    • Make sure the device emits two short beeps signalling a successful self test

    Measuring Body Temperature in the ear

    • Remove the cap by gently pushing it up (1) and then pulling it off forwards (2)
    • Pull the ear of the patient slightly up and backwards before inserting the sensor tip
    • Insert the sensor tip carefully and press the button for 1 second
    • Release the button
    • Note the measured value of the temperature on the display following a short beep

    Measuring Body Temperature in the forehead

    • Place the measuring head with the forehead/cover cap fitted on the temples, hold down the Forehead button and move the thermometer smoothly over the forehead to the other temple
    • Release the Forehead button
    • Note the measured value of the temperature on the display following a short beep

    Measuring surface temperature

    • Press the and buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to switch to the Object temperature mode. Ensure the symbol appears in the display
    • Press and hold the button or Forehead and point the sensor tip towards the object or liquid to be measured maintaining a distance of 3 cm (NOTE: never immerse in liquids)
    • Release the button
    • Note the measured value of the temperature on the display following a short beep

    For details on setting the device and using other features, please go through the user manual for Multi-Function Thermometer by Beurer Germany, available for download below


    • Do not use the thermometer in taking measurement in the ear in cases of certain acute infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases (e.g. discharging pus or secretion), ear injuries (e.g. eardrum damage) or during post-surgical recovery in ear. Do not use the ear thermometer for infants below 6 months
    • Clean the ear properly before measuring as ear wax can affect measurements. Always measure a person’s temperature in the same ear as some people produce different readings in their left and right ear
    • The thermometer needs to have been in the room in which the measurement is taken for at least 30 minutes before use
  • Our Take

    • Beurer is consistent in delivery on products as our test scenario gave the same reading for all 10 measurements on the patient
    • We like its utility beyond measuring body temperature as it means the thermometer will help caregivers in complete and quick care within hygienic limitations

    - Sumit

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